Pink – Greatest Hits…So Far!!!

Pink - Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

The cover of Pink's Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

This week saw the release of Pink‘s first hits compilation, Greatest Hits… So Far!!! She’s had five albums since her first in 2000 and quite a few hit songs. Now, why put time into reviewing a Greatest Hits compilation? Well, firstly, I’m a fan of them. I like it when an artist has enough material to put together a Best Of, or whatever. Secondly, I think a compilation album can be bad, even if all of the material on them is good. (case in point, Alanis Morissette‘s The Collection).
Pink’s Greatest Hits is available in a regular version and a Deluxe Edition with a DVD that contains all of her music videos plus other tracks. I think that was a key point for me so I opted for the Deluxe Edition. On the audio portion of it, there are two new tracks. Raise Your Glass and F**kin’ Perfect. The former which is already becoming one of her most successful hits and the latter is actually a slower tempoed track that could also be a hit (with a more radio friendly title).
A few qualms I have with this collection, however, is that they leave out two hits from her first record, including Most Girls, which is actually one of her biggest hits. It’s been theorized that it was left off due to Pink having not actually written that song nor has she included it in her set-list while on tour for the last couple of tours. Somewhat understandable but when considering there are six tracks from her last record Funhouse, they could have still put Most Girls on there. That leads to another qualm, the GHs is very late-decade heavy. Six songs come from her first three albums while ten from her last two. Funhouse was a great album but half of it is on this compilation. I Don’t Believe You could have been left off in favour of Feel Good Time and Funhouse in favour of Most Girls. But alas, I think these details are minor and wouldn’t effect most people.
Another interesting factoid is that the tracklisting is in order of release for the singles except, instead of starting off with There You Go, it starts with Get The Party Started, then goes backward to There You Go before moving on with Don’t Let Me Get Me.
Yes, I analyse records like this too.
As for the actual songs, it contains the essentials. My favourites like Don’t Let Me Get Me, Just Like A Pill, Stupid Girls, Who Knew and a song I’m definitely pleased they included, Glitter In The Air.
So how does this compilation stack up against other Greatest Hits? Very well, I’d say. It’s a worthy purchase for even the moderate Pink fan. Four stars

1. Get The Party Started
2. There You Go
3. Don’t Let Me Get Me
4. Just Like A Pill
5. Family Portrait
6. Trouble
7. Stupid Girls
8. Who Knew
9. U + Ur Hand
10. Dear Mr. President [featuring Indigo Girls]
11. So What
12. Sober
13. Please Don’t Leave Me
14. Funhouse
15. I Don’t Believe You
16. Glitter In The Air
17. Raise Your Glass
18. F**kin’ Perfect

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