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Jann Arden Spotlight

Cover for Jann Arden's record Spotlight

Jann Arden‘s camp put out Spotlight last week, a combo CD/DVD that contains one new studio recording I Can’t Make You Stay and eight songs recorded at the Masonic Temple in Toronto September 2009. Five of the live tracks are from her most recent studio album Free (2009) while the remaining three come from her most successful record Living Under June (1993).

The new song sounds like it was made for radio with a very slight country-tinge to it. Likely won’t give her a hit but can be suitable next to her other minor radio hits of the last decade. Listening to the songs from Free that are on here made me realize that I didn’t give that record a chance at all. These recordings are all very good and will definitely make me want to revisit that record again. The three tracks from Living Under June are standard essentials to any Jann Arden collection: Good Mother, Unloved and Insensitive, which is particularly mellow on this version.

What drew me to this collection however was the DVD portion. It contains, as a bonus feature, all of her music videos. That’s a pretty big bonus! I didn’t realize that from 2000 until 2009, she only did three music videos. Sleepless, Love Is The Only Soldier and one for Free. Watching the clips for 90s hits did bring back memories of watching MuchMusic. Definitely classic Canadian music videos!

I haven’t yet watched the Spotlight Documentary but if it stars Jann in typical fashion, it’ll be hilarious! Three stars

1. I Can’t Make You Stay
2. Free
3. Daughter Down
4. Yeah You
5. The Devil Won
6. Insensitive
7. Good Mother
8. A Million Miles Away
9. Unloved

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