Lori McKenna – Lorraine

Lori McKenna - Lorraine

Cover for Lorraine by Lori McKenna

Being fairly new to Lori McKenna, my introduction to her is her 2004 record Bittertown. Her new upcoming album Lorraine follows a more downtempo folk sound. The record, she says, she wrote about her mom Lorraine because someone told her that you’ll get into heaven if you write a song about your mother you’ll get into heaven. Lori says she “really wants to get into heaven” so she recorded a whole album.

The strong points of this album, as expected, would be in the writing. In the title track, Lori sings of her mother and how much the little things mean to her that otherwise go unnoticed. On the flipside, That’s How You Know is a song Lori wrote about moving on after the death of her mother. The lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of mourning that passes. My personal favourite song on the album is the closing track Still Down Here backed up by a lullaby-melody on the piano and Lori’s reflective vocals, that get emotional near the end.

Other tracks on the album include The Luxury Of Knowing, a song recorded by Keith Urban that appears on his most recent album but written by Lori about the uncertainty of a relationship that might go wrong. The only rocker on here is You Get A Love Song. Lori writes that no one’s going to “make a movie about a couple fools like us/No one’s gonna write a book about our little love”. So taking matters into her own hands, she rewards the relationship with a song.

Having been writing and recording music for over a decade and having some of her songs recorded by country’s biggest stars including multiple songs by Faith Hill, it’s surprising that Lori hasn’t had her own recordings break into the mainstream of country music. She’s as fine-tuned as any of her peers and her voice is definitely something special. This record contains memorable songs that serve as further proof of her abilities. Four stars

1. The Luxury Of Knowing
2. The Most
3. If He Tried
4. Lorraine
5. You Get A Love Song
6. Rocket Science
7. Buy This Town
8. All I Ever Do
9. That’s How You Know
10. Sweet Disposition
11. American Revolver
12. Ladders & Parachutes
13. Still Down Here


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