Paranoia Activity 2

As soon as I heard that there was going to be a sequel to Paranormal Activity, there was immediate distaste for that idea. I quite enjoyed the first movie but part of what made it good was the idea that it felt real. Knowing there was a second one being produced made it feel fake and the idea of a second film to follow it up made me wonder how it could even work.

To answer all of that, it’s set as a prequel. On its own, it works the same as the first movie. However, the effects of the “demon” seemed too exaggerated and immediate and there wasn’t much variety in what occurred. It seemed like what worked for shock factor in the first film was trying to be outdone in this one and it fell flat. I also felt that how this film tied into the first was done too explicitly, as if the connections had to be spelled out by the letter for the viewer, to make sure that there were no loose ends. It felt too easy a finish.

Overall, I’d say Paranormal Activity 2 is a fun film but its existence takes away from the magic that the first one once had. Two Stars

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