Toy Story 3

Initially, one would think that the Toy Story franchise is made specifically for children but watching the third installment of Pixar’s foundation film might make one re-evaluate that thought. Animations aren’t just for kids.
In this story we once again meet Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys as they prepare for Andy’s move to college. Who will Andy take with him? Where will the other toys go? Does Andy even care anymore?

What starts off as lighthearted moves more into a sense of hopelessness with one scene particularly stressful albeit touching as you watch for minutes with what feels like the final moments of the toys’ existence.

What may be the strongest film of the three at this point, Toy Story 3 may be helped along by the fact that the first one came out nearly a decade and a half ago so there is a feeling of nostalgia when watching the gang get through this situation. But this movie does nothing negative for Pixar as it continues to move forward as one of the industry’s top movie developers. Four stars

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