New Music to enjoy

I haven’t been writing much in here lately. Not much has been going on. I haven’t gotten any new CDs or seen any movies yet this year. I suppose I could post a photo or something once in awhile. Anyway, I figured I’d do a quick post about some new(ish) music that I’ve been into.

Pink – Perfect
Unofficially, the song released to radio is just titled Perfect with the chorus changed to “less than, less than perfect.” I’m liking this one more than Raise Your Glass. It’ll probably be her last new song in awhile since she’s preggers but apparently her next album will be an down-tempo acoustic-styled record. I’m looking forward to that. I’d like to hear Pink do something rock-centred, slightly bluesy-influenced. This might be the closest thing we’d get to that.

Avril Lavigne – What The Hell
I quite liked Avril’s first two album but her third was absolutely terrible. Of course Girlfriend was HUGE in 2007. Awful! What The Hell is her new song. It’s actually similar to Girlfriend but the obnoxious level is so much lower. Apparently it’s different than what the rest of the album (Goodbye Lullaby) will sound like. I’m expecting something similar to Under My Skin. We’ll see in March. Anyway, this song is a step-up from anything she’s done since Under My Skin.

DJ Earworm – United State of Pop 2010
Not as great as 2009’s mash-up but I still quite enjoy this year’s. A mash-up of the Top 25 Singles of the year on Billboard. A lot of the songs, luckily for Earworm, already sound similar enough to make such a mix easy to make but it’s the placement of the oddballs like Train and Lady Antebellum that put in the challange.

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