Enter: Judas

Lady GaGaJust like Judas betrayed Jesus four days before, he betrays GaGa four days before as well. Or so it goes.

Judas, the second single from GaGa’s highly anticipated record Born This Way, leaked earlier today, whether on purpose or accidentally. Either way, I saw her people either sitting back as the single hit iTunes in each individual territory one-by-one… or I see them scrambling to rush it out there to make up for hundreds of potential losses as people track down the song by other means. By about 4pm, it was available on iTunes in Canada and the US.

My first impression after hearing the song with no distractions was that it’s packed full of… stuff. It’s very heavy in the sound. A thick beat supports a lot of techno-sounds and GaGa’s vocals, in various forms. Once the song was done, I had two thoughts:
The first one is that the song can easily be grating and as a result, most people will probably dismiss it easily. It has a lot of elements that aren’t of the norm in pop music. A lot of crazy and weird aspects. But in my experience, it’s the crazy aspects of songs that I personally dislike when I first hear a song but that also end up becoming the most memorable and over time, the aspects of the song I like most. Judas has a lot of these features. So if I didn’t like it with the first listen, it has a lot for me to grab onto.
The second thing that came to mind was how similar the arrangement is to Bad Romance. Starting immediately from the “oh-oh-oh-oh-I’m in love with Judas”/”wooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-caught in a bad romance”, which then goes into a “ju-das ju-da-ah ju-das ju-da-ah…ju-das ga-ga”/”ra ra ah ah ah roma ro ma ma ga ga oh la la”, and then the first verse. The chorus is also a descendent of Bad Romance with a hint of Paparazzi. She really wasn’t lying when she said this song was classic GaGa.
This song is much more tribal though and definitely heavier, although I don’t think it’s as interesting sounding. Of course, all of these still remain first impressions as the song only just came out a few hours ago so really, anything can change. But it’s also odd to say that Born This Way feels like classic GaGa now that this song is out and considered to be her “newest song.”

I like it, though. The bridge is fun before there’s a breakdown and then the final chorus is VERY 90s techno-pop. Oddly enough, I don’t think I like it as much as Born This Way and I’m betting a lot of people will be turned off on this one because of just odd it sounds. It will be polarizing and it is risky to put this out before the album but I still think it will be a hit nonetheless because GaGa has the power to make the craziest ideas work. Admittedly, I thought Bad Romance was too out-there to work when I first heard it and now I think the song is pure genius. We’ll see!

…as an update, Judas is now #1 on iTunes in the US, about maybe 6 hours after it came out (for comparison’s sake, Born This Way did it in 3 hours) and it’s #2 on iTunes Canada as of right now.

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