Thor movie poster

Thor movie poster

Thor wasn’t a movie that was my choice to go to. So I went into it knowing nothing about any sort of a back-story. I’ll admit that movies based on comic books aren’t my thing so personal interest aside, I thought Thor was a decent movie. There was some introduction at the beginning to explain the situation that opened up the rest of the film, great effects and visuals. Though it’s hard to say if this movie would please fans of the Marvel universe as I’ve no idea what they would value in a storyline such as this.

Essentially, I’ve nothing really to offer other than a basic rating to show that I wasn’t bored but also wasn’t convinced to jump into the collection of films that have already been released or that are in the works for future release. However, a side note, Anthony Hopkins continues to show his awesomeness by his appearance in here. The man can do no wrong. Three stars

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