Anna Nalick – Broken Doll and Odds and Ends

Anna Nalick - Broken Dolls And Odds And Ends

Album cover for Anna Nalick's Broken Dolls And Odds And Ends

The biggest thing going against Anna Nalick is time. So much of it has passed that she essentially has to start over again. It’s been over six years since she earned a hit with Breathe (2 AM) from her debut album Wreck Of The Day. That song started the buzz that surrounded the then-23-year-old which resulted in her album going Gold. A few years later, her second record was announced with a lead single released to radio but then nothing. The album was scrapped following a dispute with her label and she was on her own. That track, Shine, was decent enough and gave potential to what I would have expected to be a pretty good record.

Now that she can boast a second record, Anna’s road ahead of her may be a tough one as her niche has been replaced by a wide array of singer/songwriters such as Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles and others. What could have been a position on the forefront of the newest group of singer/songwriters, Anna now has them to compete with.

Her second record is a mixture of old and new material, of course all of which has been unreleased aside from Shine, which has been reworked for this record. Broken Doll And Odds And Ends is a mostly acoustic record to serve as a precursor to a full-studio album she aims to have out by the end of the year.

One of the more interesting sounding songs on here is Kiss Them For Me, which is supported by the mystifying sitar. It’s also one of the more higher tempoed songs on here. Walk Away wouldn’t sound out of place on Wreck Of The Day but the highlight on here is the closing track All On My Own. It’s a cute mid-tempo pop song that doesn’t necessarily please as a stand-alone track but as a closing track, it leaves a satisfying resonance.

Broken Doll and Odds And Ends lacks the instant hooks that made Wreck Of The Day such a great album. It works as a suitable announcement that she hasn’t completely discarded her place in the music business but otherwise it’s simply just a good warm-up record to what should follow sooner rather than later. She has an awesome soothing voice that fully supports upbeat smart pop songs but also can display suitable emotion of a tragic tale on a piano song. Anna’s best work may lie ahead of her and she has the potential to carve a well-deserved place next to the Ingrid’s and KT‘s of the present singer/songwriter age. Two Stars

1. Broken Doll
2. Car Crash
3. Kiss Them For Me
4. Walk Away
5. Sort Of Delilah
6. Scars
7. These Old Wings
8. Shine
9. The Fairest Of The Seasons
10. All On My Own


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