Kate Maki – Moonshine

Moonshine by Kate Maki

Moonshine by Kate Maki

One thing you can always depend on fromĀ Kate Maki and that she’s a no-frills singer. Right down to the album artwork. Everything is always as basic as it can be with just the essential information of writing credits, musicians and a quick list of “thank-yous”. The music itself is pure jamming music. This particular set was recorded in a basement in Sudbury, Ontario. The production and mastering is very minimal. Kate’s vocals aren’t the main priority as a listener, nor are the guitars or drums, or even the lyrics. What you have is simply the whole collective. The combination of factors mixed together to give you wonderful folk-country jamming music.

On her fifth album Moonshine, Kate livens things up slightly compared to last year’s Two Song Wedding with some fun slide-guitar solos, sing-along background vocals and basic fun 1-2 beats. The magic in these recordings is how effortless it is. Most likely recorded in one takes, these songs sound like they were fun to play with a bunch of friends over some beer on a Saturday night without worrying about trying to come up with the perfect record. Kate is a full-time elementary school teacher in her hometown so having a side project such as her music is impressive considering she’s recorded and released five records in the last eight years.

She’s not going to change the world or the face of music with these records. And that’s the beauty of it. This album is casual, fun, true musicianship, no pressure, no effort to listen to, easy and gritty but not tough. Makes good company, with or without a novel and candlelight or background music for kitchen party. Moonshine is Kate’s shiniest yet. Four stars

1. Lose My Mind
2. The Signal
3. Hanging On
4. Shine In My Mind
5. Fade To Grey
6. Boredom Blues
7. Fought The Cattle
8. Golden Thorns
9. When I Go
10. Ode

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