Things to come

July will be a busy month for me. Lots of fun things happening so even if the weather sucks, it won’t be all bad!

July 1-3: Montreal. Adam and I are going to spend the weekend there. While there we’ll be seeing Katy Perry and Robyn.

July 7: or the 12th. I need to double check bit Big Brother 13! The only reality show I’ve ever watched and liked and every year it’s fun! It’s double the fun when it becomes a social event at least once a week.

July 15: Harry Potter. The final movie! We got our tickets today! I’m super psyched!

July 22: Serena Ryder concert again, this time back at the casino.

July 30: U2 and Arcade Fire in Moncton. I’m excited to see the giant claw too!

Third week of July: Halifax Pride. I’ll need to check out their list of events but the usual ones I attend I will again. The Dykes vs. Divas ballgame, Parade and the Saturday night out. It’s the one time of year when a bunch of my friends are guaranteed to be around and hanging out.

Throughout July: I’ll be moving. A little bit north or where I am now to a nice apartment in the Hydrostone. It’s well lit so I’m excited to have plants that can survive. I’ll be sure to upload pictures.

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