Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses

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One of the main draws of Horrible Bosses is the roles provided by the supporting cast. Such a cast consisting of Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell might not seem like they’d be enough of a big deal, they definitely make the film in their own respective and surprising ways.

Horrible Bosses, directed by Seth Gordon, is a story by Michael Markowitz that starts out with three working professionals at a bar talking about their jobs. This scene is very reminiscent of the SNL skit and I was expecting them to start breaking into song. Jason Bateman plays Nick Hendricks, who has been working at a financial firm for eight years and is expecting a promotion from his boss Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey). Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) is a dentist assistant whose main priority is to be a good husband. This is hindered by constant sexual harassment from his boss Dr. Julia Harris, played by Jennifer Aniston. And Kurk Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) loves his job and has a great relationship with his boss Jack Pellitt (Donald Sutherland). When Pellitt dies, his son Bobby (Colin Farrell) becomes the new boss and his plan to get as much money out of the business for himself turns Buckman’s perspective around. The premise of the film is that they all decide to have their bosses killed. None of them have any experience in that field, they seek out someone who may be able to help in the way of Motherfucker Jones, played by Jamie Foxx.

The plot of the film isn’t particularly strong as it relies mainly on the delivery. Jason Batemen, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis provide the pathetic nature needed for their respective characters. The ignorance of actually properly carrying out the task they’ve chosen to complete while bungling up along the way. However, it’s the secondary characters that provide the real golden moments on here. Kevin Spacey as Bateman’s boss gives classic moments of someone who’s in it for themselves with no real depth that provides many a laugh. It’s Jennifer Aniston who surprised me as someone who stepped out of her comfort zone to play the sexualized, perpetually horny dentist who has made it her goal to sleep with Dale, even if it means blackmailing him with pictures of him passed out in the dentists’ chair.

What makes this movie ultimately funny is just how outrageous it is without completely overdoing it. While the film contains many funny moments however it does lack many seriously hilarious scenes. There are plenty of lines and scenes worth a fine giggle, a chuckle and a few outright laughs. I think Horrible Bosses will inevitably end up in the discount bin at the local drug store but whenever you watch it, it will be very worth it. Four stars

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