KT Tunstall – Live At The Wiltern

KT Tunstall - Live At The Wiltern

Cover for Live At The Wiltern by KT Tunstall

Earlier this year, KT Tunstall put out a live collection of songs exclusively to iTunes from her first two albums called Live At The Wiltern, a live performance venue in Los Angeles, California. The set was likely recorded a few years back as she has put out a third album nearly a year ago. It would have been nice to have a slightly updated setlist to include songs from that album but alas.

The collection consists of seven songs from her stellar debut record Eye Of The Telescope with the remaining eight from Drastic Fantastic. That means that there are no previously unreleased songs on here, which would have been a treat for KT fans but being a non-widely available release would probably be pointless to put a new song here anyway.

Most of the performances stay pretty close to the original albums versions with the exception of Black Horse And The Cherry Tree which closely resembles the original version of the song that was available on her debut album before it became a breakout hit for her in 2005. And Stoppin’ The Love loses the fun Norse influences for a country-flair instead.
Nothing really outdoes the originals of the songs since there is very little in the way of variation amongst the recordings on here so the only real advantage to this collection is that it does contain some of the best of the two albums they borrow from. Her four hits from Eye To The Telescope and the singles from Drastic Fantastic are all here along with KT staples like Miniature Disasters, Universe & U and my personal favourite Beauty Of Uncertainty.

Live At The Wiltern is a great collection for KT fans who have yet to see her live. I still hope to someday but lucky enough to hear such a great setlist from her that make up this set. Otherwise, you’d be better off settling for either or both of the studio albums.Two Stars

1. Miniature Disasters
2. Little Favours
3. Hold On
4. Other Side Of The World
5. Someday Soon
6. Funnyman
7. Paper Aeroplane
8. Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
9. Under The Weather
10. Beauty Of Uncertainty
11. If Only
12. Saving My Face
13. Suddenly I See
14. Universe & U
15. Stoppin’ The Love


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