Big Brother 13: So far

So a few weeks into Big Brother 13 and what do we have so far.

Dick walked out in the first week for reasons that I don’t quite know yet. I don’t know if it was even revealed but I didn’t pay much attention. As a result, due to the twist, his game partner (and daughter) Daniele was guaranteed safe to reach the Top 10.
Keith was the first guest voted off. He was one of my players in the Big Brother Pool. He seemed unthreatening but was voted out mostly due to his lack of gaming ability, I think.
Cassi was next out the door. I had her pegged as the one to win the entire game. I think she was a great player who was called out too soon and, from my perspective, was due to a bit of a misunderstanding perhaps. But when Rachel is involved, everything is because of a misunderstanding because of her inability to understand anything.
Finally, Dominic went last week. I don’t think he played a good game because he was trying to make new alliances every other day. Not quite a floater but he didn’t work with the ones he could have had and tried too hard to be safe. He was screwed over a bit though because he did throw the veto competition for one of his alliances that turned on him anyway.

That brings us up to tonight’s show. I was delighted to see Daniele win HoH and put up Brenden and Rachel. I’m betting Rachel spends the next two days crying because of it because, well, she can dish it out but she can’t take it. Jordan doesn’t take her to the TV screening, she cries and takes it personally. Brenden’s an idiot. And Jeff is increasingly annoying. They gang up on other house members and all it strategic gameplan but when someone does it to them, it’s personal and it’s wrong for it to be personal? Admittedly, all four of them (including Jordan) are strong players so the person to take them out successfully is a winner. I find they all ignore the fact that eventually, they’re going to have to turn on each other regardless of what happens now.

100% 150% 1000% 0% They really like numbers in the Big Brother house. Some shows have them throwing around the percentages like they actually mean something. “I understand 100%.” “I’m with you 1000%.” Only not really.

I’d like to see Shelley, Kalia, Daniele and Rachel as the last four. Why Rachel? Because without her, the remaining three would be boring to watch. As annoying as she is, she makes Big Brother entertaining to watch.

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