Big Brother 13: Finale

It’s finally done. Just over two months of Big Brother 13 and there is a winner. I was wrong and it wasn’t Jordan. Rachel was the winner by just one vote against Porsche (4-3). Jordan was voted off leaving just Porsche, Rachel and Adam.

All in all, it was an entertaining season but definitely wasn’t as fun as previous years. I generally don’t enjoy having older experienced players playing again for the duration of the show because they aren’t doing the same type of learning that new players would be. They know what to do from the get-go and with this season, the alliances made in the beginning were the ones that stuck pretty much for most of the game with few exceptions. Very few players went against the crowd so it was predictable. Even when the show was shaken up a bit, it seemed obvious that it was a ploy to try to make things interesting to no avail.

Looking back, there were twists I enjoyed from past years. Ex-factor was fun. The secret twin twist.. But I like the twist to involve an all new cast of regular people or an all-star cast. I feel like Big Brother 13 didn’t have anyone that I personally cheered for to the same degree as precious years. Rachel was an underdog but not one to really feel bad for. The others had little gameplay to make them deserving.

A year until the next one. And still “reality tv” at it’s best.

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