What’s Your Number

What's Your Number movie poster

What's Your Number movie poster

The opening scene to the Mark Mylod-directed film What’s Your Number is almost scene-by-scene, line-by-line Bridesmaids. Ally Darling (Anna Faris) is in bed with a guy, wakes up and sneaks to the bathroom to fix her hair before quietly returning to bed as the guy wakes up and compliments her on how beautiful she is. They then get up and it’s reiterated that their relationship is strictly a sexual one, much to her disappointment. Something so drastically similar certainly cannot be anything other than an homage or a tribute to the genius Kristin Wigg and Bridesmaids… can it?

What’s My Number sets up its main plot in a paint-by-numbers way, introduces the characters, sets up the scene, and pretty soon we find out that Ally has slept with 20 guys. Much more than the circle of friends that make up her sister Daisy’s (Ari Graynor) bridal party. With this, she vows to not sleep with anyone else until she is sure that he’s the one she will marry.

At this time we have been introduced to her across-the-hall neighbour Colin Shea (Chris Evans) who is also notorious for being promiscuous, often using Ally’s apartment as a hide-away until his one-night-stand leaves his apartment. With the ending of the film blatantly obvious at this point, the challenge is filling the rest of the 106 minutes running time with the obligatory obstacles that must ensue, and to be entertaining while doing it.

There are some pretty funny scenes in What’s Your Number. Mostly consisting of short exchanges or one-liners. Anything that, if dragged out in any way, would be spoiled and not funny so to a degree, constraint was used and appreciated. Otherwise, the biggest thing this movie had going for it was just how cute and adorable Anna Faris is. Ally Darling is that girl you can’t help but want to succeed. Not because she particularly deserves it but because it would look pathetically tragic to see her fail. Anna had a similar role in the hilarious Smiley Face (2007) in which she also starred however unfortunately What’s Your Number fails to achieve.

The plot for the film sounds great on paper, with tons of potential. The lacking is the direction as it tries to be cutesy and funny rather than letting the situation play itself out to some pretty hilarious results. The idea behind this film could easily work with a different situation. Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of the successful results. Two Stars


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