2011 American Music Awards: Liveblog

I’ve never liveblogged before. Unless you count my ongoing tweets on Twitter a few months back for the MTV Music Awards. I’ve seen liveblogging occurring on actual blog sites before and figured I’ve have a crack at it while a live event was going on. I’m choosing the American Music Awards.

The AMAs are less classy, more casual than the Grammys but perhaps more scripted than the MTV Music Awards. The awards themselves are fan-voted but somehow different than the People’s Choice Awards. I don’t think the AMAs have the level of respect that the Grammys have, nor the reputation that the MTV Music Awards have but they still have their share of pretty good performances. This year, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Ludacris and a bunch of others are performing so it has potential to be entertaining.

So I’ll be adding to this blog post over the course of the night once the awards start in less than an hour. Check back!

7:57 ET | Show is about to start. Taylor Swift totally looks like a cat lady since she does kind of look like a cat. She’s not the best speaker… Alanis Morissette was by earlier in the pre-show for one of her first public appearances since she had a baby last year and she’s recorded 31 songs which will be whittled down to an album out in the middle of next year. Very excited!

8:05 | First performance, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj doing Turn Me On. Very elaborate stage setup for this show opener. There’s definitely too much backing track for Nicki’s vocals. I feel like would have to be an in-person performance to be able to appreciate it. I wonder what would happen if Nicki sat down?

8:09 | It’s so odd that Maroon 5 wouldn’t be on anyone’s mind right now if not for Moves Like Jagger. And they’ll probably not get that level of popularity again.

8:16 | Taylor – stop pretending to be surprised… unless you’re not pretending… :/

8:32 | Well, that Chris Brown performance was better than the MTV Music Awards. It does pick up but he didn’t lose the lame visual effects which take the focus off of his dancing, which he does do well.

8:34 | Go Nicki! Beating out Kanye and Lil’Wayne is a big deal for her!

8:38 | It feels like it’s been years since I’ve actually seen Kelly Clarkson doing a live performance. So far, so good. And good theme. This is an awesome version of the song too. Gives it its own touch rather than the CD version that sounds like the Bruno Mars rip-off.

8:40 | Mr. Know It All is the performance of the night so far. Kinda swing, kinda jazz. Everyone – take note!

8:50 | Great to see Ludacris! Even if he really sounds terrible… The group in the background do add a nice element to Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You). Imagine if they were all singing the real words… *heh heh heh*

9:00 | I’m going to assume that wasn’t a technical difficulty for J-Lo?

9:02 | Kind of random Pitbull appearance. I bet he had something better to do that he interrupted to come out and do those few lines.

9:04 | J-Lo really DOES look like Steven Tyler… wow….!

9:08 | Artist of the year: Adele, Lady GaGa, Lil’Wayne, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

9:13 | Wasn’t it at the AMAs that Adam Lambert had that “controversial” performance?

9:17 | And that’s probably why Maroon 5 won that award earlier. #OneRepublic

9:18 | That’s the most emotion I’ve ever seen Taylor Swift show! Wow! Go Taylor! And Go Nicki!

9:22 | Maybe that’s why Pitbull ran away. The awkwardness of having to sing with both J-Lo AND Marc Anthony in the same night.

9:32 | I don’t know what cloud you’ve been smoking on Klum but this Katy Perry song isn’t a #1 song (yet).

9:35 | Katy did a surprisingly good performance. Simple, kind of elegant, not quite Adele-status but still quite good!

9:40 | Looking forward to hearing how much Christina can scream her way through the one verse of Moves Like Jagger she was allowed.

9:49 | Welcome back, Alanis! So nice to see her….! Maybe she’ll be back performing next year? Doubt it… but her new album will be out by then…!

9:53 | It’s like I’m watching and listening to Growing Pains.

9:54 | I don’t think Ellie liked Robin Thicke very much…. nor would I since he couldn’t pronounce her name right.

10:01 | Finally. Moves Like Jagger. They’ve been pimping this one out all night. Even though LMFAO is closing the show, that’s a hard sell.

10:04 | Christina didn’t have enough time to scream up a storm. But she did kind of try. If not with her vocals, with that hair. Yowza!

10:20 | That was fun! I do like Modern Family!

10:21 | Good to see Bruno Mars win. I’m not a huge fan but I think he’s perhaps the best male singer out right now. Though I’m surprised Justin Bieber didn’t win considering this is fan-voted? Maybe his fans are too busy threatening that woman who accused him of fathering her baby?

10:30 | There’s still a bunch of awards left to be given out and two performances. Will.i.am with Jennifer Lopez and LMFAO.

10:42 | Mick Jagger is TOTALLY going to be accused of lip syncing! Not since Ashlee Simpson have I seen anything that badly lipped!

10:49 | Artist of the year!

10:50 | Taylor Swift?! What the what?! Now she can act surprised because I certainly am. Not Adele? Or even GaGa? Or even record-breaker Katy Perry?! What the what?!

10:52 | It’s so odd that LMFAO has been the anchor for the end of the show all evening. Who knew they’d ever be such a big deal? I remember them playing The Forum in Halifax twice last year. Can’t deny their songs are catchy though….!!

10:59 | David Hasselhoff? How random is THAT?

11:01 | The end of the AMAs. Kelly Clarkson had the best performance but LMFAO are quite fun too! Not really any memorable moments. So there’s my first liveblog. How did I do?


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