Lindi Ortega – Little Red Boots

Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots

Album cover for Little Red Boots by Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega just might be one of Canada’s best kept secrets this year. Released by Last Gang Records back in June, who are behind some of the latest on the Canadian indie music scene, Little Red Boots is her first full-length record after a few EPs over the last couple of years.

Immediately, the most notable quality of Lindi is the similarity between her and Dolly Parton. Borrowing from Dolly’s signature singing style will be sure to get Lindi noticed among folk and country circles. Blue Bird, in particular, should appeal to fans of Dolly and Emmylou Harris.

What’s nice about Little Red Boots is that the songs are distinctive and natural. Often times, very pretty singing voices have the potential but aren’t able to fully take advantage of it because of weak songs but the tracks that make up this record each hold their own. Sorrowful ballads like Dying Of Another Broken Heart and floor stomping country tunes like I’m No Elvis Presley all find their way on this album that sounds like it’s been taken right out of the old country scene. And what makes it impressive is that Lindi wrote all of the tracks solo, with the exception of Black Fly which was written with Ron Lopata and Simon Wilcox.

Little Red Boots is a well-rounded album that doesn’t succumb to the current sounds that country radio has embraced in recent years. It delivers for the yearning that true country fans desire most when they put on old Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton records. Country albums like these don’t come out often, and when they do, they’re hard to find. Spread the word. Five stars

1. Little Lie
2. When All The Stars Align
3. Blue Bird
4. Angels
5. I’m No Elvis Presley
6. Little Red Boots
7. Dying Of Another Broken Heart
8. All My Friends
9. Fall Down Or Fly
10. Jimmy Dean
11. Black Fly
12. So Sad


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