Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Movie poster for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Your mission:
Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
To find codes before the bad guys do that can set a nuclear missile targeted at the United States.
Do this following an impossibly far-fetched plot-line.
Know that it’s impossible to kill or be killed unless your role in the plot is minimal.
Have the ability to travel from Russia to Dubai to India by plane without any trouble even when wanted by authorities without true help from your home country and government.
No matter how many times you’ve been shot at, punched, kicked, thrown through glass, hit by cars, fall from high altitudes or experience explosions with shards of glass, you’ll never tire or be too hurt to continue at nearly the same pace as before.
Knowing what the ending will be before the beginning starts.
Follow the same protocol that has made up plenty of similar missions from plenty of similar films prior to this one.

Should you choose to accept:
You will have two hours and twelve minutes from start to finish to decide if accepting this was a good idea. The explosions are minimal, there aren’t many cheesy or fun one-liners, the most action comes from the many fight scenes that aren’t as intense or gripping as the action movie genre has provided. Entertaining, perhaps, but in the words of someone I know: “Not a must-see.” One Star

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