Amy Winehouse – Lioness: Hidden Treasures

Amy Winehouse - Lioness Hidden Treasures

Album cover for Amy Winehouse's Lioness Hidden Treasures

After the passing of Amy Winehouse earlier this year, I wasn’t expecting an album of her material to be released so soon. On one hand, it was inevitable that there would be some material come out but on the other hand, is it still premature? Lioness: Hidden Treasures serves as a collection of her songs ranging from before her first album Frank got released in 2003 to recordings from earlier this year.

It’s incredible that, while you can vaguely guess the period in which the songs were recorded, Amy still sounds great no matter what period of her career they come from. Her final recording from earlier this year, the duet with Tony Bennett on Body And Soul, that made this collection is evidence enough. Despite the troubles she had over the last couple of years, the innocence and purity still resonated in this recording.

Those same troubles prevented Amy from doing much recording since Back To Black in 2006, hence the limited selection of songs to chose from for this album. Many of the songs are covers and a few of the originals are previously unreleased versions of songs Amy already made hits such as a slowed-down Tears Dry, a stripped down acoustic Wake Up Alone and a classic sounding version of her cover hit Valerie. She had apparently done a lot of writing but nothing that made it into recorded form, unfortunately.

Individually, these songs are gems and perhaps the final glimpse of Amy Winehouse we’ll get. Her cover of the Carole King 60s classic Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow being one of the highlights. They suitably wrap up an amazing artist who had an all-too-rare sound of authenticity and true musicianship that remained even in these recordings that span nearly ten years. Four stars

1. Our Day Will Come
2. Between The Cheats
3. Tears Dry
4. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
5. Like Smoke [featuring Nas]
6. Valerie
7. The Girl From Ipanema
8. Half Time
9. Wake Up Alone
10. Best Friends, Right?
11. Body And Soul [with Tony Bennett]
12. A Song For You

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