Welcome 2012

Happy 2012!

The new year seemed to arrive smoothly for the most part, despite weather where I live and an illness or bug I seemed to have picked up that I’ve been battling for a few days but, fingers crossed, it’s finally on the way out with the old calendars, Christmas decorations and old food in the fridge that was there before my holiday travels.

With the new year comes the idea of new beginnings. At least a lot of people seem to try to do that. As I mentioned in my welcoming 2011 blog post, I don’t put much stock into the idea of new years resolutions because I feel if you really want to achieve something, you’ll do it regardless of whether you’re putting up a new calendar or not. But to use a year as a short-term time frame is a good way to set goals and try to achieve things. It provides a good baseline to compare the achievements of the past year with the goals you set for yourself in the next year. It helps to keep them realistic.

In the last year, the biggest change I made was returning to school. I just finished my first term of a PR program at MSVU where I got five As. Very exciting for me considering my entire time at Dalhousie, I only got three As. I feel like I deserve bragging rights. *wink* However, before someone says “it’s an easy program.” That might be so, might not be so. But the way I figure it, why would I take a course that’s considered “hard” or “for smart people”, even if I did well, if I didn’t like it? I am enjoying this program so it makes it more rewarding!

As for my goals this year, I’ll set a few for myself. We got a new elliptical machine which I want to use so I can fit into all of my nice clothes again *blush*. I want to maintain my GPA in school, which hopefully shouldn’t be too challenging since I won’t need to take a full course load in either term so I can focus more on each individual course. I want to spend more time with friends since I know I’ve been neglecting many of them since I started school and I miss people. And I want to, again, travel to somewhere new this year, as well as revisit Toronto at some point. Maybe in the summer? Maybe sooner.

So that’s my year in a nutshell. Pretty general but also doable. Just small things to help make 2012 another great year.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and reading my blog! Happy New Year and I hope to continue being entertaining, a source of procrastination or whatever brings you here in 2012!

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