The first megamix I remember hearing and loving was the GHV2 Megamix put out around the time Madonna’s GHV2 was released in 2001. It was mostly a mix of a lot of her 90s hits put into a 5-minute recording. Since then I’ve heard from pretty awesome ones for Roxette, the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. Pretty much anyone with a decent discography of hits made up of upbeat songs or songs that can be remixed can have a pretty good mashup done. Each year, DJ Earworm makes a mix made up of the Top 25 songs of the year that is typically pretty good.

Last year, I made one for Lady GaGa made up of songs from The Fame and The Fame Monster that, oddly enough, I have since found linked on various mp3-trading websites and stuff. It’s gotten nearly a thousand views on YouTube which isn’t really anything to write home about but it’s fun to get the occasional compliment on it. I really enjoy doing music mixing and stuff and while I know the mixes I come up with aren’t half as good as ones on the internet, they’re still fun to do. About a year ago, I made one for Pink as well that I never got around to uploading so I figure I can do it now. Made up of some of her bigger hits, it’s called The Fucking Max Megamix.

The Fucking Max Megamix (Pink)

The Max Monster Megamix (Lady GaGa)


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