The Queen has spoken

And so it begins. Madonna has spoken.


Madonna on ABC this week

Of course I’m referring to her recent interview in which she finally responds (somewhat) to the question regarding her opinion on Lady GaGa. Her thoughts on the song Born This Way, which many have said is a replica of Madonna’s own Express Yourself: “it feels… reductive,” when asked whether that’s a good thing she smirks, sips from a tea cup and says “look it up.”

Enough to ignite the internet, blogs and message boards about what such an answer could mean. Of course, many news publications and online sources use this opportunity to possibly make a mountain out of a molehill by headlining that Madonna has taken aim at Lady GaGa. She tells Newsweek, “I thought, this is a wonderful way to redo my song.”

In Madonna’s defence, she isn’t the one bringing up Lady GaGa in her interviews. But it’s obvious that it’s the question everybody wants to know – what her thoughts really are. Questions with answers that must have been thought up if not well rehearsed before the interviews began to cover every possible angle and scenario. Madonna, who has been said to have been heavily inspired by Marilyn Monroe, has offered up compliments by saying she’s talented and is flattered by her influence on GaGa.

But what does she really think? Perhaps Madonna is using this opportunity to build free press around her upcoming new album and single release, which she will unveil at the world’s biggest televised event – the Super Bowl. Immediately after the live performance, Gimme All Your Luvin’ (or Give Me All Your Love – title yet to be officially confirmed) will be released to radio and likely iTunes. In addition to this performance, she’ll be on tonight’s Golden Globes presenting an award and possibly accepting one as well for her new song Masterpiece, which is nominated. The song is a return to her mid-90s more mellow style of song.

Lady GaGa and Madonna

Lady GaGa and Madonna on SNL (October 2009)

But these major public appearances are being overshadowed thanks to the GaGa connection. And with the current somewhat backlash against Lady GaGa at the moment, Madonna couldn’t be in a better position. There’s more hype for the new album, titled M.D.N.A. – due out in March, then there was for her last record Hard Candy. It seems the world is suddenly interested in Madonna again as if it were 1992 and just like some might say Lady GaGa has Madonna to thank, it seems things are coming full circle. In a setting where it’s Lady GaGa vs. Madonna, Madonna is now the favourite.

Think back to when the entertainment world was rooting for Britney Spears to succeed – she did. Now my thoughts are, they want Madonna to succeed. And she almost certainly will. With the only exception being that if this new single completely sucks. And that’s not completely impossible. The Queen’s last album really lacked the umph that a Madonna record usually has. With the production credits going to the producers of the moment  The Neptunes and Timbaland, it sounded not unlike every other hip-hop-flavoured pop hit released the year prior to Hard Candy, proving that even Madonna can have weaker and unoriginal moments. But with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. famously on board for this new single, it’s also entirely possible that these next few months could be the biggest for Madonna in over a decade. And in some ways, she might have Lady GaGa to thank for that.


  • Taylor Swiftly

    1) I loved Hard Candy.
    2) Does anyone care? Everyone rips off everrrrrrryone. Nothing’s really original.
    And you’re right, it is just a big thing for the press (remember the hydrangea stunts?)

  • …So, about halfway through this, I realized I wasn’t reading an article from a magazine or newspaper. Which is a compliment. I forgot it was just your blog for a second. Haha.

    • I’ll accept the compliment and my calendar is marked. 😛

      But at the same time, you must think lowly of everything else on this blog. 😛 J/K

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