Give Me All Your L.U.V.

It seems that majorly-hyped singles never seem to meet the level of anticipation one has for them. Such is the case with the new Madonna song Give Me All Your Lovin’, the first single from her upcoming new album MDNA.

The song seems to take a page from Gwen Stefani‘s book which boasts the kind of cheerleading persona that made Hollaback Girl the recognizable hit it was. While Hollaback was its own distinct song, Give Me All Your Lovin’ doesn’t have that that sort of quality to it. It doesn’t quite stand out so much in that sense. It’s just there…enough to blend in with the current pop music landscape. Admittedly, the chorus works as an earworm and gets instantly stuck in there, serving as more of a mildly annoying space-saver than a pleasantry. You know the song isn’t that good but you can’t help it anyway.

“L! U! V! Madonna! Y! O! U! You wanna!?”

I, for one, would be okay to look beyond it all and conclude that it’s simply a fun song, used to promote Madonna’s upcoming appearance at the Superbowl this weekend, and to a lesser extent, her new album coming out at the end of March. The video came out the same day as the song, which never happens these days. Usually, everything is timed to the second to ensure the greatest amount of drawn-out success or strategized to get as high on the charts as possible. Madonna and her label Interscope are laying everything out immediately, all in the same weekend. The song hits radio and iTunes, the video hits the internet and a few days later, the Superbowl appearance. That’s pretty much it. How the song does in the next week and a half is probably where it will end.

Madonna - Celebration

Madonna's Celebration compilation on CD, Vinyl and DVD

But I can’t help but wonder about Madonna’s recent interviews in which she doesn’t seem to hold back on just how highly she thinks of herself. A Newsweek article from this week quoted her as saying, “Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I’m worth it.” On one hand, it’s refreshing that she doesn’t fake her opinion on herself in interviews. Why pretend to be modest when you really aren’t? But on the other hand, if you hype yourself up, people will look for any and every fault to knock you down. And the first fault I find is with Give Me All Your Lovin’, a song where Madonna sounds like she’s either becoming a lazy singer or is just bored. It really only picks up during the last minute with (too)short verses from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

But folks, I haven’t given up on Madonna. Today, I proclaimed it my own personal Madonna Day where I put on my Ultimate Madonna playlist and enjoyed my favourite tracks from the Queen from 1984 up to the present as I made my way downtown to pick up a vinyl copy of her Celebration collection – 36 songs over 4 LPs. While listening, I decided it would be fun for me to make an attempt to pick out my favourite ten songs from her. Here goes, in alphabetical order:

Bedtime Story (1995)
Die Another Day (2002)
Frozen (1998)
Human Nature (1995)
I’ll Remember (1994)
Live To Tell (1986)
Like A Prayer (1989)
Music (2000)
Ray Of Light (1998)
Secret (1994)


  • The first thing that came out of my mouth when I heard/saw this video was ” she is copying Gwen”. The only part of the song that is catchy is the” L.U.V MADONNA Y.O.U you wanna. “

  • Taylor Swiftly

    Wow…..we have almost entirely different favourite songs.

    • What are your favourites?

      • Taylor Swiftly

        Give It 2 Me
        Hung Up
        Material Girl
        Like A Prayer
        White Heat
        True Blue
        Deeper and Deeper
        Papa Don’t Preach

        • I like most of those, even to some degree (ie. Give It 2 Me), but for whatever reason, I’m over them. I got so burnt out on Hung Up and I think a lot of her 80s stuff is overrated. But yeah, it’s easy to put on a playlist of 50 of her songs and let it play without needing to skip anything.

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