It’s Grammy night

Tonight is the Grammy awards, the biggest night in music, and I’ll be live-blogging as well as the occasional tweet. The awards begin to be given out in about 40 minutes for the non-televised categories. It all starts there. The ones I pick up on during that time I’ll mention here before the actual awards start tonight.

Bringing the Grammys to you! 😉

6:41 (ET): So far for Grammy night: at the pre-telecast, all of the other winners were announced except for the ten awards they’ll be giving out on the live show. As I hoped (but didn’t correctly predict), Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Body And Soul. Tony won Best Traditional Pop Album as well. Adele won Best Pop Vocal Album for 21 and Best Video for Rolling In The Deep. Kanye West won three in the Rap categories as did Skrillex in the Dance categories and for Best Remix. Foo Fighters won four awards. Each are up for more awards in the main categories.

6:44: These are the categories to air live tonight.
Album of the Year
Record of the Year
Song of the Year
Best New Artist
Best Rock Performance
Best Rap Performance
Best R&B Album
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
Best Pop Solo Performance
Best Country Album

8:05: Bruce Springsteen brings the house down and the show has only just started!

8:06: Host LL Cool J opens the awards with a prayer to the passing of Whitney Houston. Whitney was a Grammy favourite so it seems suitable.

8:08: Adele has stolen Katy Perry‘s blonde hair, who herself seems to have gone faded blue…

8:14: Ok, people might not like Bruno Mars but he does put on an entertaining and lively performance.

8:18: I forgot Chris Brown was performing. I really hope it’s not like his MTV Awards performance… I’m not here for #showoffs

8:22: The world needs more Bonnie Raitt.

8:24: Adele! I’m shocked! (Best Pop Performance for Someone Like You. Better have your running shoes on, Adele.)

8:35: Tony Bennett looks young for 85.

8:36: Kanye isn’t there? How odd… no one to steal the show. Get it? heh….

8:50: While nothing spectacular for a Grammys televised show, I’d still love to go to a Foo Fighters concert. They’re always dependable!

8:52: Grammy count so far. Foo Fighters – 4, Kanye West – 4, Adele – 3

9:02: While I think she’s gotten much better since first emerging, I do sometimes wonder how Rihanna managed to get a recording contract in the first place. She doesn’t have much stage presence and the backup dancers carried the We Found Love portion of her performance, Chris Martin carrying the second half of it but even I expect better from Coldplay. No more falsetto, please.

9:14: Five for the Foo Fighters so far! Adele who, perhaps?

9:19: Adam Levine sounded decent but the Foster the People guy doesn’t look into it at all.

9:26: The Beach Boys were pleasant! They outdid their introducing bands.

9:34: Diana Krall is the foxiest woman in jazz. I love see her appear out of nowhere on these award shows.

9:38: If these were the MTV Awards, the camera would have panned to Rihanna every time Chris Brown made an appearance.

9:44: That might have been the best performance I’ve ever seen from Taylor Swift but I am highly disappointed she didn’t do Safe And Sound with the Civil Wars. I’ll stand by my opinion that she really needs new material and Safe And Sound is easily the best thing she’s ever recorded so it should have been presented at the Grammys. Also love how she once again looked “surprised” by the applause after it was over. Oh Taylor!

9:51: Adele again. By the time the Album of the Year award comes up, Adele and Foo Fighters will be 5/5 and be competing for their 6th potential award of the night. Katy Perry is up next doing her brand new single Part Of Me.

9:57: I might get flack for this but I thought Katy’s performance was spot on! Another big hit for her for sure.

10:11: Nice to see Adele and while she sounded a bit rough at the beginning, she DID just have vocal surgery. She seems much more lively and confident though I’d have preferred perhaps Set Fire To The Rain. All in all, an exceptional performance proving why she’s the year’s top artist in music. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where one singer seemed to have the support of an entire audience and industry. Adele can do anything!

10:21: This tribute to Glen Campbell seems odd to me unless he’s receiving some special achievement award or something. Needless to say, I think The Band Perry are absolutely adorable and I do have a soft spot for Like A Rhinestone Cowboy so I won’t say no to this performance. I would even venture the idea that it is among the best of the evening so far.

10:24: It seems Glen is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award along with a few others. So now it makes much more sense. Carry on…!

10:33: I’m surprised they chose Carrie Underwood to perform with Tony Bennett considering the number of other great singers on Duets II that could have duetted with him. But I suppose with Carrie’s recent connection as a Grammy winner for Best New Artist, which will be given out following this performance, it makes sense. But there’s just something about Carrie that rubs me the wrong way… so now I’ll move on.

11:35: I’m sad Nicki Minaj didn’t win but Bon Iver did and seeing Kathleen Edwards on the screen multiple times was worth it!

10:40: About time someone mentioned Amy Winehouse! (and Steve Jobs)

10:45: I feel like Jennifer Hudson‘s voice is a bit too deep for this song but she’s holding the song quite well. No Whitney but this is why everyone also loves J-Hud.

10:53: I can completely appreciate the DJ/producer of this electropop age but I really don’t get what David Guetta‘s role is in a performance such as this. At least he looks like he’s having fun. Meanwhile, Lil’Wayne has just appeared. I only just saw on Twitter that he was just arrested backstage. I guess that was found to be a false rumour. I’m now looking forward to what the Foo Fighters have to offer to this segment.

10:56: I can’t help but find it curiously awesome how Dave Grohl continued to mention how the Foo Fighters‘ album was recorded the old fashioned way in his garage with real musicians and players but he can still perform with Deadmau5 at the Grammys.

11:03: About a half hour left and we still have Nicki Minaj unveiling a brand new song from her upcoming Roman Reloaded album, as well as Record of the Year and Album of the Year. I think they should just bring a throne to the stage and let Adele spend the rest of the show there.

11:10: I’ve got a feeling the new Nicki Minaj album won’t be well received as the concept album it appears it’s going to be, and this performance itself is questionable at bet but I can’t help but think it’s also awesome…in its own…odd…way! Not a traditional Grammy performance but Nicki’s got my attention.

12:20: Album of the year – 21 by Adele! 6 for 6! New record for women at the Grammys, I do believe. Amy Winehouse and, I believe, Norah Jones previously won 5 in one night.

12:25: Correction: she ties Beyoncé, who won 6 a few years back.

12:31: Finished! On time! Could be a first but a good move for the awards to officially extend that extra half hour. In my predictions, I got eleven correct, two wrong. Not too bad. 😉

12:35: This year’s show was pretty entertaining overall. There were a lot of great performances.
Best performance: I might have to cop out and make it a tie between Bruno Mars, Adele, Jennifer Hudson, the Glen Campbell tribute and the Foo Fighters. They were all great in their own ways.
Worst performance: Easily Rihanna and Coldplay.
Tomorrow’s most talked about performance: Nicki Minaj. Though everyone will be focusing on Adele’s clean sweep.

Good night everyone! Thanks for stickin’ around!


  • Taylor Swiftly

    You never mentioned Book of Mormon or Lady Antebellum….

    • Neither of which were really on my radar. Lady Antebellum won in the televised portion and it was a bit of a surprise but being rather unfamiliar with most of country music I guess I just let it slide.

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