Chris and Rihanna – together again

The rumours were being spread for the last week or so that Rihanna and Chris Brown had gotten back together – whatever that meant. There was also speculation at the time that a track on Rihanna’s latest album called Birthday Cake would be extended (since the original was only just over a minute long) and released on her birthday, February 20th. Putting two and two together, Chris would be on the remix.

Come February 20th, two songs get leaked. Rihanna’s Birthday Cake with Chris and a new version of Chris’ latest single Turn Up The Music with Rihanna. This obviously caused quite a stir in the online world with most of it being negative as a result of their past history together.

Following the incident outside the Grammys three years ago, Rihanna quickly got back on her feet and she had the support of the interested public. She was a victim but she didn’t play that card for long other than doing a series of interviews and accepting her role as a role model for girls who may be in her situations. Instead, she started moving forward and doing all of the right moves as far as her career was concerned. Not focusing on the incident at all but also not shying away from sexual topics in her songs (ie. S&M). With her recording collaboration with Chris Brown, I look at it one of two ways. She’s forgiven him and wants to move on – and she’s doing that by working along-side him rather than by going their separate ways. On the other hand, this could be a complete stunt for publicity and it’s working. Perhaps she’s being reckless and is playing with her position of fame. Therefore, it would be a stupid move on her part because if that’s the case, she’s relying on the fact that he’s her abuser to win headlines. What does that say about her?

Chris hasn’t been as lucky since the incident. He’s walked angrily out of interviews when asked about it, hasn’t been able to have the same type of success he had before it happens until recently but even then is still receiving a lot of criticism. I’ve read a lot of comments recently since his Grammy performance and win that it’s time to move on and people deserve second chances. I don’t disagree with that at all. However, the incident with Rihanna isn’t the only one that Chris has been involved with. From his angry bursts to questionable tweets, it seems he has always been a loose cannon. I think since much of his acts of aggression occur in the public eye, so should his sorrow and I just don’t think we’ve seen enough remorse.
As for Chris’ part in these collaborations with Rihanna, he should have declined the offer. As reckless as it makes Rihanna look, it makes Chris look even worse. They both know they’ll win over a lot of publicity for these songs and they’re essentially making the entire situation out to be a joke, but we’ve all seen the photos of Rihanna at the hand of Chris. Whether their own personal confrontations are a joke, the imagery and what they represent to general society aren’t.

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  • I am ashamed of them both. It is bad enough that he is a douche bag, he almost killed her…is that really forgivable? I don’t think so. As far as we know they both did something to each other that I think is unforgivable rather she started it or he did violence is not the answer. Trying to sell yourself and your music and make it into a huge publicity stunt is shameful .

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