Tegan and Sara – Get Along

Tegan and Sara - Get Along

Cover for Get Along by Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara have the ability to come up with pretty awesome and complete albums. Both So Jealous and The Con I can safely say have secure places in my ten favourite albums of the last ten years or so. I may be a bit biased when it comes to their music as any release of theirs that contains anything from either of those albums is both a win and a relief for me. The latter mostly in the sense that no matter how much they might change and evolve, they’ll never leave behind the songs that have ultimately become classics in their discography. With that said, perhaps the greatest weakness of the CD portion of their new CD/DVD collection is the lack of focus on their most beloved songs.

Get Along is going to appeal pretty much only to the T&S fandom. We’ve seen them in concert. We’ve memorized their albums and we’ve decided which of the twins’ songs we like more – they almost always only write their songs separately and compile them for each album they release. Tegan has the more standard, fully developed songs while Sara is responsible for the sometimes-quirky, sometimes-simple but never dull songs.

The selection of songs chosen for this compilation seems somewhat questionable. There’s the inclusion of the classics like Monday Monday Monday and Not With You, plus newer material like Alligator and Call It Off but two of their most well-known songs, Walking With A Ghost and Living Room, are missing in favour of more unfamiliar songs from Sainthood that do feel out of place. Perhaps on purpose to give the Quin’s other material a chance to shine, though in their defence, there’d likely be no track listing that would be completely satisfying. On the plus side, there are tracks on here that represent each of their studio albums.

The audio portion of Get Along is pretty tame compared to how lively their sets can get but it still captures the sound that they’ve been evolving with for the last decade. With the discovery of their heavier beat side on collaborations with Morgan Page and TiĆ«sto, among others, as well as a complete remixes EP for Alligator, they haven’t let that interfere with how these songs are performed – at least for this collection which is performed live for a small audience of less than a hundred people.

While pretty much appeasing fans for a little while until the next studio album comes out, Get Along serves its purpose well, whether you’re into the audio side of the band (like me), or the visual side which is the main point of the collection. Their third DVD features two documentaries and the live performance that the CD itself is taken from. If anything, this should remind us of what they’ve brought to the table in the last decade whilst we wait for the next album. Three stars

1. Alligator
2. I Know I Know I Know
3. Monday Monday Monday
4. I Hear Noises
5. Night Watch
6. Back In Your Head
7. Divided
8. Call It Off
9. Relief Next To Me
10. The Ocean
11. Nineteen
12. Knife Going In
13. Not With You
14. I Won’t Be Left
15. Sentimental Tune

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