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So I’ve gone and done it. I’ve made the plunge into the world of comics!

Not that I’ve never read comics before. Every kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s read comics to some degree. For me, it was an assortment of Archie and the occasional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic. Why just the occasional, being the big TMNT fan that I am? My fandom is limited pretty much to just the original cartoon. Sure, I’ve seen the movies and they were okay enough but it’s the cartoon version that I get nostalgic for – and was my obsession. Whenever I picked up any of the comic series’, I never really got it. Perhaps it was mostly because my ability to get the latest issue was pretty sporadic so even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Living in small town Newfoundland before the internet and all…

TinTin Box Set

TinTin Box Set
(image from Barnes & Noble)

Now I’m trying again. After seeing a box set of graphic novels for all of the TinTin original series last year, I thought it would be a neat thing to have, having grown up watching the cartoon on television. After seeing the movie back in January, it confirmed my desire and eventually, I got them (Thanks Adam! 🙂 ) – the box set of 8 books. Also, last August, a publishing company called IDW began to put out a new series of TMNT comics. The thought crossed my mind that it was the perfect opportunity to start up and be apart of this new series but I never really got around to it. Comics aren’t really my thing. But a quick trip into a comic book shop yesterday, I noticed that they had nearly all of the issues from this new series in the store. I bought them! Issues 1-9! ….or so I thought…:


TMNT Issue #2 (IDW)

It turns out, I got issues 2, 5-9 and then 3-4 from a side-arc, along with a re-printing of issue 1 from the original comic series from the 80s. So what I thought was a quick investment in time and a potential new interest has turned into a wild goose chase. I went back and found issues 1 and 2 from the side-arc as well as issue 4 from the main series, leaving me with issues 1 and 3 to find. The completist in me must find those two, even though issue 1 apparently is already hard to find after three printings, according to my sources. Mind you, I can read them all on my iPad anyway so I may have to for these missing ones.

What I’m looking forward to now is to grab all of my comics, TinTin and TMNT, and wait for the next warm and sunny day to find a grassy field to sit in and read them all.

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  • Taylor Swiftly

    I know. You stole my dukedom. >.> But I thought it was only for getting the geek badge…

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