2012…so far

2012 is pretty well half done… already! And unlike most years, it has delivered quite a lot in the way of music and entertainment. The first two quarters of the year are generally pretty slow when it comes to new releases, especially with music, where many big names will try to compete for the fourth quarter sales period of September onward. In movies, it’s a little different with big box office titles competing for the summer months. I figure it’s a good time to do a quick recap of the year so far and a look at what’s coming soon to look forward to.

2012, I think, will go down in my personal calendar as the year where many of my own personal favourites have released new albums. In fact, looking at my favourite artists section on my Facebook, many of whom I would consider to be my “core” musical acts, nearly all of them have had, or will have new releases this year. In addition to the many old favourites with new music, there have been some great newcomers as well. And with the good comes a few disappointments as well, mainly in albums from Jason Mraz and Madonna.

The following is a list of the top ten albums that have helped to make 2012 thus far a great year on the music front:

Brandi CarlileBear Creek
Bruce SpringstreenWrecking Ball
DecemberistsWe All Raise Our Voices To The Air
fun.Some Nights
Ingrid MichaelsonHuman Again
Kathleen EdwardsVoyageur
Nicki MinajPink Friday…Roman Reloaded
Norah JonesLittle Broken Hearts
SoundtrackHunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond

Still to come are some personally anticipated records from Dragonette, Pink, Avril Lavigne and Lady GaGa, among many others before the end of the year. Meanwhile, adding to the continued 90s resurgence that started with the Cranberries and Garbage are new albums from No Doubt, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, Soundgarden, Celine Dion and Melissa Etheridge. And those are just what immediately comes to mind.

On the movie front, 2012 was set up to be a great year with movies as well though the classics might occur in the second half of the year. By this time last year, two of the year’s best films had already come out in Bridesmaids and The Help. This year’s best are equally on opposite ends of the spectrum with the Hunger Games and Cabin In The Woods. There are a several highly anticipated films hitting theatres very soon. Following the record smashing success of the Avengers are a few more superhero films, the new Spiderman franchise is restarted and the final Batman film of the dark knight trilogy are both out in July.

If it ends up being the year of the apocalypse, at least I can say it was a great one. And I might even hope it is because judging by how many of my favourites are putting out new music this year, 2013 looks to be a slow one.

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