Flo Rida – Wild Ones

Flo Rida - Wild Ones

Flo Rida's album cover for Wild Ones

Flo Rida made a name for himself in 2007 with the summer hit Low, featuring T-Pain. A destined one-hit-wonder, Flo continued to send out the hits afterward despite not being able to secure himself a hit album. On Wild Ones, his fourth record, a different approach is taken. Go for a shorter album already packed with hits. Of the nine tracks, three were established hits by the album’s release date with more expected to come. Despite this, Flo remains the definition of a singles-artist. Someone whose success comes primarily from hit songs rather than any sort of album support. This album charted only as high as #14 on the Billboard 200 in its first week before falling to #24 this week.

On Wild Ones, it isn’t any surprise that Flo Rida hasn’t been able to have a hit album. The songs that form this record are ultimately disposable, formulaic hits that all have that ├╝ber catchy chorus in the way of a featured vocalist, a sample or, like on Whistle, a semi-sung hook by Flo himself. The verses are all forgettable raps that essentially serve to fill the space for verses, extend the length of the song and build anticipation for the next time the chorus comes around. (There is evidence that the songs can work just as well without Flo’s raps when you check out a remix of Wild Ones called Wild Ones Two, remixed by Jack Back, David Guetta and Nicky Romero that contains only Sia on vocals.)
When you have a CD with nine songs that are all built around the same idea, you’re better off waiting for them to come on the radio. Otherwise, everything will blend together – impressively well, when you consider a song like Good Feeling relies on the infamous Etta James sample of Something’s Got A Hold On Me and Let It Roll similarly incorporates a recorded sample of Let The Good Times Roll by Freddie King. They both sit in between songs each with a standout chorus by two Australian artists Sia and Georgi Kay, respectively.

Mind you, just because these songs follow the strict Flo Rida signature doesn’t mean they’re bad. The hit Wild Ones, featuring Sia, might be among the best and most recognizable pop songs of the year. With Flo, what you hear is truly what you’ll get. If you like one song, there’s a good chance you’ll like them all. Flo’s aim isn’t for music with substance but rather great party music that works well in the club or on the radio. For the time-being, Wild Ones is the soundtrack for a hits radio station. Inoffensive dance-pop-rap music that fits in perfectly with the other hits of the day.

Wild Ones works more like a compilation album rather than a proper record. Therefore, it would make better sense for Flo to release the songs as singles first and once they’ve all become hits, put them out afterward for those that haven’t yet burnt out on them yet. Or maybe they’re simply thinking ahead as it’s very possible that most of the songs on this record could smash over the next year. Either way, you might be better off taking the album one hit single at a time because of the severe lack of differentiation between songs. Allow them to blend with the latest hits from LMFAO and Katy Perry rather than with each other. Two Stars

1. Whistle
2. Wild Ones [featuring Sia]
3. Let It Roll
4. Good Feeling
5. In My Mind (Part 2) [featuring Georgi Kay]
6. Sweet Spot [featuring Jennifer Lopez]
7. Thinking Of You
8. I Cry
9. Run [featuring RedFoo of LMFAO]

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