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Last year, I did a series of blog entries about Big Brother 13. The new season is well underway with tons of action just a few weeks in. This year’s twist from the beginning was the introduction of four coaches, players from seasons past who each had the job of directing, or coaching, three players each. While they don’t have the opportunity to participate in any of the challenges such as Head of Household or Veto, they do have their own challenges and the coach whose player wins at the end also wins $100,000.

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

The four coaches are Britney (from BB12), Dan (BB10), Janelle (BB6) and Mike “Boogie” (BB2). The latter two were also on Big Brother All-Stars. I only watched Big Brothers 2-4 and then from Seasons 8 onward, with the exception of Season 9 which took place during the writer’s strike. So while I was familiar with Britney, Dan and Boogie, I had never seen Janelle before and therefore she was new to me.

This season was the first to have a houseguest evicted just hours after going into the house. Jodi was the unlucky guest, which sucks to not even have a chance to actually play the game. Kara was evicted at the end of week one and JoJo in week two. A fourth houseguest, Willie, was expelled for essentially not being able to control his anger.

My thoughts on the coaches twist? I like it. I normally feel that having former players return to the game is a cop-out for the show but this time, it’s different. It’s funny how in the world of Big Brother, former players are essentially celebrities to people that know the show. Boogie and Dan are among the most well known players to have ever played the game, judging by their abilities to play the game and how entertaining they are, it shows. So having them return to the game helps to ensure old BB fans return as well. Having the coaches in this game adds an extra dimension to the format. With each coach having had three players on their team, it forges alliances with those players. But if one coach wants another evicted, they have to go through each of their players to achieve that, making alliances harder to form and keep.

A mistake I feel is being made by pretty much every player, except Willie, oddly enough, is that they are relying too strongly on their coaches. The coaches are the ones reliant on their players but it doesn’t have to work the other way around, yet none of the players seem to have fully grasped that yet. Of course, it wouldn’t be wise to completely disregard the coaches as they are granted abilities during the week as well.

In a work pool where the players were randomly chosen, I have Frank and Jenn as my two main players and Britney as my coach. Frank and Jenn are both players under Boogie‘s teaching, which works as an advantage to a degree. Frank is perhaps the strongest regular player in the game and Jenn so far has been what they call a “floater”. My thoughts are, as the house dwindles, Jenn will come out as a stronger player later on.

My thoughts on the coaches are relatively simple. Janelle is like the new stepmom to her husband’s children. She has good advice, wants them to succeed but also knows that she can only succeed if they do. Boogie is like the stoned neighbour who is able to slide through anything and succeed. Britney is like the big sister that doesn’t really know what to tell her younger siblings and Dan is the coach, always keeping a clear line between him and they players so they know who’s boss. I think so far Janelle has taken the best approach. Her players aren’t the strongest in any way but she plays them on equal fields, even leveling herself with them as well.

Under the assumption that the coaches will be moved into regular play in the coming weeks, judging by CBS’ questioning of the viewers to decide, and they will regardless because they have extra space to fill, my thoughts are Janelle might be the coach to last the longest. I think Ian might be a wildcard that everyone underestimates and Wil will never be the biggest target so they both may last long enough to be a threat for the final. But determining a winner is difficult to do at this point, at least for me.

Like last year, I’ll keep my thoughts updated again. To read only Big Brother-related entries, click/bookmark this, and for Big Brother 14 only, click/bookmark this.

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