Big Brother 14: Big Moves

After last week’s move by Shane, credited to Ian, Boogie was voted out leaving Frank to carry out the revenge. His biggest target? Dan. I’m no longer entirely sure why anymore since it was Shane doing the nominating and Boogie whispered to Frank before he left that Ian couldn’t be trusted but Dan was the biggest threat. After tonight, it seems he may be the strongest player right now.

Jenn finally made a move by winning Veto, thanks to Frank disqualifying himself, and after some planning with Frank and their new alliance, they joined forces with… Dan. Nobody saw that coming, including myself had I not seen the spoilers beforehand that also once again suggest some interfering from the producers. Following what should be an award-winning performance by Dan, announcing his own “Big Brother funeral”, including his announcement that Danielle was “dead to him”, she was later brought in to the alliance as well.

So where does that leave us? Britney is on the block with Danielle and she’s set to go home. There’s Ian, who can always be swayed to vote either way, even against Britney if it looks good for him. Shane, who will likely be the target next week anyway. Joe, who hasn’t really been given much screen time later, probably because Jenn has been allowed five minutes of camera time that can’t be given to Frank. Britney looks to be out tomorrow (sad face) with Ian and Shane as the targets for the first week neither of them win HoH. I could see Dan and Jenn (or Danielle) as the final two.

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