Big Brother 14: the finale gets closer

There’s Ian, Shane, Jenn, Danielle and Dan left. After Wednesday’s episode, the coveted final four. Not sure why the final four was always such a big deal since it’s the final two that actually means something when it comes to prize money and such. Maybe it’s because in the final four, everyone has a specific duty. One Head of Household, two nominations and the remaining person who gets to choose which of the two nominated should go.

It’s looking highly likely that it’ll either be Dan or Ian to win, but they likely won’t make it to final two. Well, unless Ian wins the last HoH competition because it seems that he is easily persuaded and may take Dan with him. As for who I think will win between the two of them, it’s a toss up. Dan made some really devious moves, taking huge chances but Ian played a legitimately good game, or at least still has that ounce of innocence left that might sway the previously evicted voting members.

With that said, everyone knows Ian could be the favourite which means he’ll be the target for whoever wins HoH later this week. It all comes down to his abilities as a player to win Veto, also ensuring him the choice of who to remove by default. Julie Chen is sure to call it “the most important power of veto ever.” Perhaps the only time that that might actually be true.

It’s all over in just over a week!

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