Big Brother 14: conclusion

By now, you’ve seen the finale of Big Brother. If you haven’t, go away.

So the winner was chosen in a 6-1 vote with Danielle being the outsider. I thought the winner was well deserved but with the final two being who they were, I think either one wouldn’t have been a far fetched choice as winner of the game. Unlike previous seasons, both of the final two played pretty great yet very different games from each other. Danielle, who came in third, was pretty much a “floater” throughout the game and relied heavily on Dan to get her through. Now mind you, I don’t think being a “floater” is a bad thing in the game since it works for some players (*ahem* Jenn) who are able to get quite far in the game. It’s a strategy that can get you somewhat far but I think you have to own it. What made Jenn a weak player in my mind is that she seemed to think she was a power player at times yet she only made herself known (or CBS made her known after the first few days) more than halfway through.

I think the three best players in the game were Frank, Dan and Ian. Frank because he was always active throughout the game. He was a threat which was why he was up on the block every week he wasn’t head of household, which he won three times. He carried Boogie as far as he got until he was evicted and then Frank was on his own. Frank’s weakness came with his inability to secure a solid alliance outside of Boogie. He needed not-so-much a backup plan but rather a reliable third wheel.

Dan’s game was great because he was just so good at manipulating people, winning trust and talking a good game. He could strategize better than anyone else and was a good speaker. His ability to twist things around to make it look good for whoever he was talking to got him further than winning competitions could because, in the world of Big Brother, it’s the physical threats that are always focused on when it comes to evicting people. Endurance and speed competitions rely more on physical than the mind and Dan always had people like Frank and Shane to rely on when it came to pointing toward a target.

Ian’s game was one I would argue is the most difficult because he always played with a certain type of genuinely that nobody else really did. He lied but he always felt bad about it and he usually tried not to because he always cared about what people thought of him. When the other houseguests accused him of lying (i.e. Jenn called him a rat) I don’t think they knew him as well as perhaps the viewers were able to see. Ian was a good player when it came to memory and thinking skills but he also had simply being a nice guy to his advantage. People therefore underestimated him so I would say he didn’t so much trick people as much as people were tricked by him because he doesn’t represent the typical Big Brother houseguest. The fact he was able to do as well as he did without compromising his own morals and personality I think is more impressive than someone who is able to keep track of what lies they told to whom and get away with it. It’s easier to play a dirty game and get away with it than it is to play a clean game and actually succeed with it. I think Ian won the votes because his game was cleaner and had heart to it.

That ends another year for Big Brother, one that I think is one of the better seasons in recent years. There was a lot of drama, twists, shocking moments and really good game play. Until next year…!

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