Christina Martin – Sleeping With A Stranger

Christina Martin - Sleeping With A Stranger

Christina Martin's cover for Sleeping With A Stranger

There’s little standing in the way of a singer whose best asset is their voice. It also helps when that voice is singing songs that not only compliment it, but allow it to soar to the heights of the great vocalists in the alt-country genre. Christina Martin‘s voice is just that with the help of songs from her album Sleeping With A Stranger. It sounds like a sweetened Emmylou Harris with a touch of Shawn Colvin and the likability of Dolly Parton. It can stop a criminal dead in his tracks.

The music scene on the Canadian East Coast is one of the most vibrant around and with so many great artists and musicians, it’s easy to get lost amongst the crowd. Sleeping With A Stranger stands out because of its clean and clear production, pleasant melodies and the richness in her singing. Christina is delicate yet there’s a strength in her voice that shows she’s not easily broken. The record is comprised of bouncy alt-country tunes that differ from the dirt-road-grit of Lucinda Williams but rather are closer in comparison to the broken-hearted ruggedness of Kathleen Edwards, specifically like her song Summerlong, which is country in essence but cleanly delivered in a mid-tempo disguise.

This album is a two-way street between Christina and the listener. The first lines on the album in the song Water It are “we can be cool/we can rely on each other too/we can reveal all the truths,” which Christina later reaffirms when she admits “I’m not good at keeping secrets/you can see it in my eye.” She shares stories and accounts of her experiences that the listener must be prepared to explore with her, even if it means risking revealing our own secrets in the process. “I’m not good at keeping secrets/I would tell you warts and all.”

Christina Martin is captivating and warm and knows exactly what her task at hand is. Sleeping With A Stranger is very likely to win you over with a single listen. Even if you’ve never heard anything by her prior to this record, it will end with a sense that she’s always existed in your music collection – in your memory. She wins. Five stars

1. Water It
2. Sleeping With A Stranger
3. Marina
4. Away From Me
5. Falling For You
6. Painting Blame
7. Sally
8. What I Always Knew
9. Take My Body Home
10. Secret Song
11. This Kind Of Pain
12. Happy

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