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Adele just released the first new song she’s recorded since 21 took over the world, the highly anticipated 007 recording Skyfall. As expected, Adele delivers the theme to the new Bond flick with smokey colours. Slightly mysterious, sensual but never fully taking away from the fact that, yes, it is a Bond theme.

The highly anticipated Adele single is the latest song to come out in the last couple of weeks surrounded by buzz. Some of them delivered, some slightly disappointed but all have premiered in the spotlight with tons of attention. Which one is your favourite?

Ke$haYoung Again
Ke$ha’s sing-talk is still in use on her comeback single where the focus is now placed on the production which places Young Again in amongst nearly everything else that’s dominated these past few years though not as dancey as her previous hits like TikTok. Co-written with Dr. Luke and fun. lead singer Nate Ruess, the song is catchy and gives Ke$ha a less trashy sound. Whether that’s a good thing or not, it’s your call.

Rihanna’s new single is quite different from her more recent hits We Found Love and Where Have You Been. Rather than going the safe dance route, Rihanna adds a slight hint of soul with light electronic pop in a song co-written by Sia, Benny Blanco and Stargate that gives her a new direction and somehow changes up her musical image yet again.

Christina AguileraYour Body
Christina is finally able to judge what the “in”-sound is and use it to her advantage without overdoing it this time on Your Body. After her last album flopped miserably, it all looked over for her. Even if her image has seen better days due to her outspoken and sometimes snobbish attitude, she has won back the nay-sayers with this new single.

Bruno MarsLocked Out Of Heaven
Bruno has received comparisons to the Police on this punchy pop jam that expands his musical presentation beyond what we’ve seen from him. Honestly, Bruno is the best we have when it comes to solo men in pop music until Justin Timberlake comes back to music and even if his songs get grossly overplayed, he has yet to disappoint. Even his live performances on all the award shows are always classy and respectable.

Nicki MinajThe Boys
When Roman Reloaded wasn’t enough, Nicki unleashes a new song from a new re-release that will see some more new material from her before the year is out. The Boys is meant to re-introduce Nicki to the urban audiences that have begun to abandon her following her recent crossover success. The chorus as sung by Cassie doesn’t do much to alleviate the pop-heavy sound she’s adopted even if this song would fit more on the hip-hop side than the pop side of her last record. The song attempts to do too much by trying to please everyone. It’s catchy but hardly memorable.

OneRepublicFeel Again
Heavily inspired by Dog Days Are Over? Maybe not but if Ryan Tedder is doing it, it must be in and this sounds pretty similar to the Florence hit from three years ago. Ryan, of course, has been the songwriter behind some of the biggest hits of the last couple years including some of his own with OneRepublic. This is the first single from their third album that might get lost in the shuffle because, let’s face it, everyone has a new album coming out.


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