Gimme your ideas

While I doubt I’ll run out of things to write about soon, I’d like to get some ideas from the readers. I do have a couple dozen posts drafted, waiting to be completed and posted and some of them have been suggested by people I know (don’t worry. They’re coming!), I’d like to know what other people would like me to write about.

My blog counter tells me I get over a hundred visitors most days. I’m definitely skeptical of that number but I figure, if I get that many visitors, or even a quarter of that number, there are likely to be a few people that are regulars who know what I write about and have an idea about the things I might know that I can share. Is there anything I should write about to inform, for example something regarding the music industry or pop culture? An opinion I can explain myself about? Something I should learn about that you think I’m missing? Something new I can add that would be worth working into this blog?

I’d like to try to include some level of interactivity to a degree so let me hear about it. What can/should I be writing about? Let me know.


  • Artist that appeal or have appealed to kids and tweens but want to appeal to adults.

    Or Artist that are too old to be pop stars…

  • write about your top favorite music videos from your top fav artist . like top 10 or top 20

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