David Guetta – Nothing But The Beat 2.0

David Guetta - Nothing But The Beat 2.0

Album cover for Nothing But The Beat 2.0 by David Guetta

Nothing But The Beat got an original release last year in three different versions, each with more music than the last. Now David Guetta‘s collection of hits is re-released with nine new songs plus most of what made up its original release.

The album plays like a Now! compilation, which means it might be labeled under David Guetta but the vocals are done by a wide array of artists covering different genres. Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Sia, Jennifer Hudson, Tegan and Sara and many more. Yet with artists from different backgrounds, the album flows well and for the most part the artists don’t sound too far outside of their comfort zone. While many people might suggest that Guetta’s sound lacks variety, he still has a solid grasp on the songs that he puts out and the collaborations he creates. And that sound is the definition of pop music right now.

The amazing thing about Guetta isn’t so much that the music on this record is groundbreaking in any way. It’s not. It’s relatively safe and stable but it has still influenced nearly the entire music mainstream. Unlike producers like Timbaland, for example, who have been successful and have ruled the airwaves for extended periods of time, Guetta’s sound is present in many albums and songs coming out now that he hasn’t been involved with. His brand of electro-dance-pop is everywhere. Even though he’s likely not the first DJ to create this type of dance, he has further opened the door for producers, new and old, to branch out and help to make this the producer-era for music. Since this album has come out, other DJs have gained popularity outside of the clubs including Calvin Harris and Zedd, all of whom are mixing styles of dance with some of the biggest pop singers.

The downside to this album is that if you dislike most of what plays on the radio, this is more of the same. Combined with a lot of the other music out now, it all starts to blend together and such a level of over-saturation limits the shelf life of a record like this. Even though it’s been over a year since its initial release, some of the original tracks already sound dated. Despite that, the addition of the new tracks give it some new interest and are worth checking out. Sia reprises her collaboration status with Guetta on the new single She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) which is no Titanium but anything that gives evidence to her deserving place in pop music works.

This album works as the focal point for today’s pop music scene because of the plethora of established artists and proven hits it has. Turn Me On, Without You, Titanium and I Can Only Imagine only touch on what this album has. The danger lies in that it is automatically lumped in with so much other stuff so unless you’re already a fan of the genre, this album will only support your opinion of it. Nothing will change in either direction. But it makes a great mix for a pre-bar gathering. Three stars

1. Titanium [featuring Sia]
2. Turn Me On [featuring Nicki Minaj]
3. She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) [featuring Sia]
4. Without You [featuring Usher]
5. I Can Only Imagine [featuring Chris Brown & Lil’Wayne]
6. Play Hard [featuring Ne-Yo & Akon]
7. Wild One 2 [David Guetta & Nicky Romero featuring Sia]
8. Just One Last Time [featuring Taped Rai]
9. In My Head [featuring Nervo]
10. Where Them Girls At [featuring Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj]
11. Little Bad Girl [featuring Taio Cruz & Ludacris]
12. Sweat [David Guetta vs. Snoop Dogg]
13. Drank It Up [featuring Akon]
14. I Just Wanna F [with Afrojack featuring Timbaland and Dev]
15. Nothing Really Matters [featuring Will.I.Am]
16. Repeat [featuring Jessie J]
17. Night Of Your Life [featuring Jennifer Hudson]
18. Every Chance We Get We Run [with Alesso featuring Tegan and Sara]
19. Sunshine [with Avicii]
20. Lunar [with Afrojack]
21. What The F***
22. Metropolis [with Nicky Romero]

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