Jenn Grant – The Beautiful Wild

Jenn Grant - The Beautiful Wild

Album cover for Jenn Grant’s The Beautiful Wild

There’s a certain sense of seclusion on Jenn Grant‘s newest record as she sings of romance, distance and love. But it’s not a lonely kind of seclusion; rather, it’s like the only two people in the world that exist are Jenn and the subject of the songs in question.

Jenn sounds relaxed and peaceful on this album, which has a much gentler sound than her last record Honeymoon Punch. There are references to cold, stormy nights but there isn’t any distress in the lyrics. Instead, it’s a natural feeling as Jenn sings “never knew we were living in the beautiful wild,” from the subtly east-coast-sounding The Fighter. Natural as if, this is what I’m used to, this is the way things have always been and I’m okay with that.

As the record progresses, the sense of intimacy served by Jenn’s delicate and polite vocals intensifies as you get the feeling there’s nobody else around. All of the focus of each song is on one person and there’s never any intrusion or interference from anyone else. The recurring image of two people sitting by the fire in a house in the middle of the wintery forest pops up again and again as Jenn’s vocals coo along to the chorus of songs like The Fighter, I’ve Got Your Fire and One More Night.

The only variations of this are with Gone Baby Gone, which serves as an intermission to the album with a deviation in the sound, containing sitar, handclaps and exotically distance vocals. Meanwhile, there’s the hidden closing track which is a cover of Survivor‘s Eye Of The Tiger. It’s a song that most would steer clear of covering because it is so distinct and recognizable that it might be near impossible to imagine it done any other way. Jenn’s delivery allows the lyrics to sit out front and turns the sports anthem into something inspiring but in a different and somewhat personal way that the original doesn’t do.

The Beautiful Wild brings out the romantic in Jenn but done in a way that it’s casual and feels adventurous, but like an every day adventure so that it’s not novel. Jenn seems to feel at home away from the hectic hustle and bustle of big city life and this record provides a wonderful backdrop for life in the hills in front of the fireplace. Three stars

1. Introduction
2. The Fighter
3. I’ve Got Your Fire
4. I Want You Back
5. Hollywood
6. Gone Baby Gone
7. White Dove
8. One More Night
9. Aida
10. Michael
11. In The Belly Of A Dragon
12. Green Grows The Lilac/Eye Of The Tiger

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