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I like Daniel Craig. That in itself was enough for me to have no qualms about seeing his third starring role in a Bond film. I should note that I’ve only ever seen one Bond movie before, Casino Royale. But from everything I’ve heard about Bond movies, I like to think I have a pretty good idea what to expect with Skyfall, released 50 years after the first Bond movie and being dubbed one of the best. Needless to say, I likely have no business offering a written opinion on this movie but this is my blog so I can do what I want.

The opening scene incorporates itself into a classic chase that leads to the top of a moving train. Pretty standard. However, this scene ends with Bond getting shot accidentally by his partner (Naomie Harris) and is deemed dead, the starting point of the film that is critical to the remainder of it. What I didn’t expect is for Bond to be shown as weak or even vulnerable but from the get-go, he is just that. Maybe there’s more to Bond than I thought?

Following an attack at MI6 Headquarters, Bond returns to the call of duty at the office of M (Judi Dench), head of the MI6 and his commanding officer. He is informed that he must redo a series of tests to ensure his abilities are up to the strict standards for the task he is to complete, which is to prevent the release of the identities of undercover NATO officers that have been stolen from a computer hard drive. Any good movie knows how to spell disaster by bringing it to the heart of any operation. In Skyfall, the attacks start right at home and never venture too far.

While there isn’t as much direct action as I expect from a Bond movie, Skyfall doesn’t lay low for too long. It’s the final third where things reach a critical climax that makes it all worth it. Coupled with the fast-paced opening scene, this is the Bond I’ve anticipated. Skyfall has heart and has won me over, at least as an individual film; though I can see the charm and attraction in the Bond films as a whole, layered with quick-wit and even quicker activities. Daniel Craig is fabulous as Bond, Judi Dench plays a wretched woman you can’t help but love and Javier Bardem is a fantastic villain making the three the perfect set for this film.
After seeing the movie, I’ve learned three things from Skyfall: 1. I like Daniel Craig even more. 2. Bond films are more than just an excuse to show off, and 3. Adele so far continues to show that she can do no wrong. Four stars

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