Green Day – ¡Dos!

Green Day - Dos!

Green Day’s album cover for Dos

Green Day‘s trilogy continues as planned with the second installment of their ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! collection. ¡Dos! continues as expected from the band with slightly more of a rocker intensity than ¡Uno! but is still laced with hooks. And Green Day is known for their quick and effortless biting hooks and that makes ¡Dos!what you’d expect.

There’s slightly more variation in the sound on this record compared to ¡Uno!. It opens with a short one-minute folk-styled introduction See You Tonight before heading into the pop-rock combo of Fuck Time which is an all-out cheese-fest complete with plenty of “baby baby” that seem odd for the band now at this point. What’s more odd is the track Nightlife featuring rapped verses from Lady Cobra that feels more Gym Class Heroes than Green Day. An interesting mix but it feels very out-of-place from the rest of the album.

The album’s closing track is the one that will likely be able to extend beyond the life of the record. Amy is a song dedicated to Amy Winehouse where Billie Joe pleads “Amy please don’t go” over a single guitar track, likely the most sensitive Green Day can really get. The sentiment is there and it feels genuine.

¡Dos! is a slight step down from ¡Uno! where there seems to be less direction and more filler. Of course, with such a conclusion comes to inevitable question of, in hindsight, was the three-album idea a good one after all. ¡Tré! is out in just a week which will be three full-length albums in four months. As such, some of the thoughts that result conclude that the best from each title could have been combined into one awesome album, or the three records could have been spread over a longer period of time to give each some breathing room. Neither is necessary. In the digital age, listeners can pick the best tracks in a “make-your-own-album” sort of fashion while comparing with their Green Day friends. Make it a social event.
So far, Green Day have tackled a difficult task and aren’t losing yet with their output. ¡Dos! isn’t bad enough to warrant cancelling the rest of the trilogy nor would it have been good enough to be its own individual album period. This is a case of more is more and there are worthy tracks on here. It’s just not immediately essential. Two Stars

1. See You Tonight
2. Fuck Time
3. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
4. Lazy Bones
5. Wild One
6. Makeout Party
7. Stray Heart
8. Ashley
9. Baby Eyes
10. Lady Cobra
11. Nightlife [featuring Lady Cobra]
12. Wow! That’s Loud
13. Amy

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