Jeff, Who Lives At Home

Jeff Who Lives At Home

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Jeff (Jason Segel) is a 30-year-old who lives in his mother’s basement, is a stoner, doesn’t have a job and is always looking for his destiny by waiting for signs to come to him. One day, he gets a phone call asking for Kevin which sends him on a search to find out who Kevin is and what it means to him. Jeff, Who Lives At Home, directed by Jay and Mark Duplass also stars Susan Sarandon as Jeff’s mom, Sharon, and Ed Helms as his brother Pat, both of whom are also experiencing slumps in their lives completely independent from each other.

The story follows Jeff’s search for his destiny, Sharon’s search for her “secret admirer” within the office she works in after being single for so long and the breakdown of Pat’s marriage to his wife Linda (Judy Greer), whom he suspects is cheating on him.

While the film is slower-paced, it helps to emphasize just how much the lives of this family have been at a standstill for quite some time. While the events of each occur independently of each other, they still interact despite each being at different points in their lives. The struggle for each is different but the goal is the same. To find some satisfaction in the situations that seem to be going nowhere. The storyline is sobering in that it can be placed on us, the viewer, to re-evalate our own lives and whether we might fit in with either of the people we’re watching on the screen. With that said, sometimes things work out all too well in this movie and eventually reaches a point where all paths cross and things fit just right – almost too much so – resulting in discomfort that things wrapped up too nicely.

Looking past its weaknesses, Jeff, Who Lives At Home is a satisfactory Sunday afternoon of reflection in a movie. While the wrap-up is convenient and clean, everything leading up to it does catch you for a surprise, making the film worth it. Three stars

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