Where Are We Now?

Very rarely can a high profile artist release a brand new single with video and announce a new album on the same day without a single person having known about it beforehand. In the age of the internet, nobody can get away with recording a whole album without somebody finding out about it and it spreading through the social networks and wikipedia for people to anticipate. Adding to his growing mystique, David Bowie has accomplished just that today, on his 66th birthday.

David Bowie

David Bowie (image from consequenceofsound)

Earlier this morning, a lyric video with footage of Bowie himself singing the song, hit the internet with news that that song, titled Where Are We Now?, would be the first single from his upcoming 30th record The Next Day, out March 12, 2013. Perhaps Bowie was able to succeed in recording that album secretly because nobody expected him to record anything again. It had been ten years since his last album and nearly seven years since his last live public performance. In that time, his public appearances were far and few between. With the health problems he’s had, it seemed Bowie had retired from the music business.

I don’t know much about Bowie other than the essential tunes and everything told to me by my old roommates, two huge Bowie fans who are no doubt ecstatic about the new music. But I know enough to say that he may be one of the most fascinating artists in music history with his ability to reinvent himself and authentically incorporate unconventional ideas and visuals into his music and performances.

Below is Bowie’s video for his new song Where Are We Now? I think it’ll be interesting to see how both the song and album are received, not only by Bowie fans but by fans of art-rock in general, especially since mainstream pop has taken such a shine to unconventional visuals in recent years since Lady GaGa‘s rise to fame.

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