Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest

Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest

Album cover for The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles

On Love Song and King Of Anything, Sara Bareilles had a spark that drove her to both songs and give them meaning. Songs that might have made her the queen of #firstworldproblems, they differentiated her and her music from the pack of pop and dance divas that have saturated the market these past years.

On her third album’s first single Brave, she moves more toward those divas with its more apparent subject matter and anthemic presentation. “Say what you want to say,” “I want to see you be brave,” essentially be what you want to be. It’s a timeless subject that has been trendy in recent years making Brave feel behind the times, even if Sara’s heart in the right place.

Brave is the album’s most obviously catchy song but the other tracks go beyond that as Sara’s main focus remains on the lyrics. For every Brave, she has songs like 1000 Times and Eden, songs showcase scenes and context that allow the listener to get an idea of not only what is being said but how you should feel about it.

Manhattan is a relationship surrendered with each verse ending with “you can have Manhattan/cause I can’t have you.” The lines preceding each leaving an indication of what is being left behind in a realistic take on any relationship that is doomed not to succeed.

On The Blessed Unrest, Sara sounds more sure of herself but she doesn’t get cocky with her delivery, rarely deviating away from the sound she’s become associated with. The album is hardly a step away from her last two records but she’s more confident in her sound, regardless of what she’s singing about.

The Blessed Unrest isn’t an instant record but there are strengths and Sara’s are with her lyrics. As she sings on Eden, “let me paint a picture for you/then I’ll have to teach you to see it.” It’s like a learning process. Not difficult or groundbreaking but worth getting lost in. Three stars

1. Brave
2. Chasing The sun
3. Hercules
4. Manhattan
5. Satellite Call
6. Little Black Dress
7. Cassiopeia
8. 1000 Times
9. I Choose You
10. Eden
11. Islands
12. December


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