Lady Gaga - Applause

Possible single cover for Applause?

Lady GaGa has confirmed that the first single from her long-awaited new album ARTPOP will be called Applause.

The song is set to be released on Monday, August 19 with the album to follow in November. Since the official announcement of the single and album release dates, photos have been released that have given a glimpse into the new image and visuals that will likely accompany either the single or the entire album.

Earlier today, she tweeted:
Lady Gaga tweet

Lady GaGa - Applause

Another possible single cover for Applause?

And later sent out a tweet saying the single’s cover would be revealed tonight on the website of Women’s Wear Daily. The images above and to the left may be that very cover but it won’t be known until it is confirmed by Gaga herself. In the meantime, it’s all speculation as it leads way to the hype that Gaga is known for using to her advantage as the single’s release date gets closer.

What could a song called Applause be about? Could it be from the perspective of someone trying to justify self-worth by needing applause to be accepted or maybe it’s a boasting song about simply getting applause and deserving it.

Are you looking forward to new Gaga?

EDIT: Here’s the confirmed cover and information.

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