Applause video

In an era where music videos are rarely on television, they have experienced a resurgent in recent years due to their easy accessibility on the internet.

My own renewed interest in them came at the hands of videos from Lady Gaga, who has made the music video a whole event in itself with extended-length clips for her hits like Telephone and Paparazzi. Since then, many other pop stars have stepped up to deliver visually interesting videos for their own hits.

Applause is the first single from Gaga’s upcoming record ARTPOP and in true Gaga fashion, the anticipation for the video was high. The response has even been much more positive than it was for the song itself, which has been relatively mixed.

The video, directed by Inez & Vinoodh, keeps attention relatively focused on one visual at any given time, unlike action-filled videos like Judas or Alejandro. Perhaps the most notable feature of the video is the number of looks Gaga has throughout the video, through different arrays of complexity from simplistic to elaborate.

Below are stills from the Applause video that show the 11 shades of Gaga. Some of these are looks are potentially as classic as some of the styles from the Telephone video. Which one is your favourite?

Here’s the music video:

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