The World’s End

The World's End movie poster

The World’s End movie poster

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and watch a movie knowing what they throw won’t be your cup of tea. Or glass of beer, in the case of The World’s End, a film directed by Edgar Wright that is one part comedy, one part science fiction, 12 beers.

The film follows five friends who, twenty years ago, attempted the “golden mile”: A pub crawl with one drink from each of the 12 bars in town that started with The First Post and ended with The World’s End.

Their initial run at the golden mile was unsuccessful so Gary (Simon Pegg) has vowed to succeed this time by convincing the other guys in the group – Peter (Eddie Marsan), Oliver (Martin Freeman), Steven (Paddy Considine), and Andy (Nick Frost) – to attempt it again.

The catch is that each of the other guys have moved on life with careers and families and haven’t really kept in touch while Gary has held on to the dream of someday reaching his goal they had set out on twenty years before. The new dynamic of the group as they replay old memories is half the fun.

The other half is realizing there’s something off about their childhood town that gives Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart music video a run for its money for creepiness.

The strange plot both works for and against the film. It’s refreshing because it’s unpredictable and zany but also so completely random that suddenly one can’t help but feel ‘if this can become a movie, anything can’.

While it runs on jokes, it’s the hilarity of the situation that carries the movie. The ridiculousness of it all; and while you may have a sense of that before going into it, you can’t help but shake your head after it starts – in a good way.

The World’s End is funny. It’s not necessarily laugh-out-loud funny but the test is how far it can go before the ridiculousness becomes a joke in itself. It’s an enjoyable adventure that did make me want a beer before it ended.
Four stars

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