Comparing Miley & Sinead

What are your thoughts on last week’s Sinead O’Connor vs. Miley Cyrus?

Was Sinead right to point the finger at Miley and tell her how wrong she is to have such a sexualized image when so many girls consider her a role model?

Was Sinead slut-shaming Miley by using the word “prostitute” seven times in her first open letter?

Is this an issue of feminism?

Is Sinead’s perspective clouded by her ideals of how women should be presented?

Is Miley in control of her actions and image?

Are any pop stars ever in control?

Should Sinead have sent her open letter to Robin Thicke instead?

Was it fair for Miley to respond with:
Miley tweet

Is mental health not taken seriously enough?

Was it fair for Sinead to respond to that by saying Miley will for sure have mental health problems in the future?

Is this part of a bigger discussion that involves slut-shaming, rape culture and the double standards that both women and men face today?

Miley and Sinead

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