Lindi Ortega – Tin Star

Lindi Ortega - Tin Star

Lindi Ortega’s new record Tin Star

Anyone who watches the ABC television series Nashville may already be familiar with Lindi Ortega. Her presence has become a fixture on the show where she’s made cameos as a performer and is name-dropped as one of the local scene’s recognizable names around town.

Of course, Lindi’s role as a country music singer goes beyond that of a TV show where she sings about real life on her newest record Tin Star.

Much of the album is about the challenges of being a country musician in a scene where everybody is competing for spotlight, yet Lindi makes it feel so relatable that pretty soon I feel like I too am walking in her little red boots.

On the title track, she sings “if the music wasn’t running through the blood in my veins/I might just walk away, oh, I would walk away/But the music keeps on running through the blood in my veins/And it just makes me stay, oh, it makes me stay.”

She has a sly innocence on Gypsy Child and All These Cats, both songs that make her more of a Scarlett O’Connor than a Juliette Barnes, with their determination and drive that start from humble beginnings to “I’m just going to continue my mission/Hey, I’m just here to stay.”

Beyond the challenges of a Nashville dreamer, Lindi also sings about the challenges of love.

Album opener Hard As This plays with the same playful style of a doomed relationship in the lyrics as 2012’s The Day You Die: “If you need space, take a trip/Hijack you a ride on a rocket ship/Hang out with some constellations/Get yourself some isolation, babe.”

Lived And Died Alone plays like a lullaby – in the vain of Rock-A-Bye-Baby. Initially sweet on the surface yet menacingly heartbreaking underneath. She sings of finding love in the graves of those who lived lonely lives as she reveals “love never came easily to me.”

Lindi’s mischievous side is never too far as she touched on the alt-country angle on I Want You, a gritty and loud foot-stomper where she plays up her devilish side as she calls out “I want you to want me.”

Tin Star is 3 for 3 for Lindi Ortega. Her third album in as many years, she has been amazingly on point and consistent throughout where she delivers soulful performances that stay true to the classic sound in the modern era. If the heart of country music was lost, it’s been found in Tin Star.
Five stars

1. Hard As This
2. Gypsy Child
3. Tin Star
4. Voodoo Mama
5. Lived And Died Alone
6. I Want You
7. This Is Not Surreal
8. Something For You
9. All These Cats
10. Waitin’ On My Luck To Change
11. Songs About

Little Red Boots (2011) Five stars
Cigarettes & Truckstops (2012) Four stars

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