My Grammy Nomination Predictions (2014)

Tomorrow night, the nominations for the biggest music awards of the year will be unveiled as part of a live broadcast on CBS. The hourlong broadcast will feature Lorde, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and others performing and is once again hosted by LL Cool J.

Just like last year and the year before, I’m making my guesses on what will be nominated Grammy’s “Big 4” – the main categories of Record, Song, Album and Best New Artist.

Album of the Year

This category always has at least one surprise in it. While much of the “Grammy buzz” has focused a lot around some key albums, it’s not as simple as many predictions make it seem.
Justin Timberlake is the name mentioned most for The 20/20 Experience (I believe parts 1 and 2 are combined here). Bruno Mars is also often mentioned as a contender as well.
It does seem, however, that this year was a huge year for hip-hop as some of the strongest contenders are albums by rappers, including Jay-Z, Drake, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. However, it’s unlikely the Academy would vote in more than one of these.
Daft Punk seems like the most logical guess, other than JT, with their record Random Access Memories.
That leaves room for at least one unsuspecting title, which could come in the form of a country album (perhaps Luke Bryan‘s Crash My Party), an album by a music veteran with the name of John (John Mayer, John Fogerty or Elton John) or a rock record (Vampire Weekend).
All of these names so far have been male artists, which may help leading female contenders Taylor Swift or Alicia Keys.
I’ll go the safest route with my predictions, even if that means including both Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

My Predictions: Bruno Mars (Unorthadox Jukebox); Daft Punk (Random Access Memories); Justin Timberlake (The 20/20 Experience); Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (The Heist); Taylor Swift (Red)

Record of the Year

This was a particularly strong year for songs that wouldn’t seem out of place for this category. First thing’s first, you have Adele, who is a Grammy favourite, eligible with her Bond theme, and then a bunch of hits that also doubled as critical favourites.
This category will likely have a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song, possibly Can’t Hold Us. Daft Punk seem likely with Get Lucky, as does the other Pharrell Williams collaboration with Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines. That leaves room for either Taylor Swift (I Knew You Were Trouble), Bruno Mars (Locked Out Of Heaven) or Lorde (Royals). Last year’s category had six nominations as well, which could make room this year for Imagine Dragons (Radioactive), Florida Georgia Line (Cruise) or Drake (Hold On, We’re Going Home).
My thoughts are that Lorde may be too new and potentially polarizing for this category and may not make it, meanwhile, Imagine Dragons, as the primary representation of rock, may squeeze in.

My Predictions: Adele (Skyfall); Daft Punk f/Pharrell Williams (Get Lucky); Imagine Dragons (Radioactive); Justin Timberlake (Mirrors); Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Can’t Hold Us)

Song Of The Year

While Record of the Year tends to be more hit-focused, Song of the Year is usually harder to gauge because there tend to be more surprises as it is a songwriter’s award. My main instincts would be to predict many of the same as I did for Record of the Year but I think there’s been enough variety for things to be switched up a bit for this category.
I think Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will make it here but probably with Same Love. Adele is also probably a safe bet. Get Lucky has been thrown around as a heavy contender but I think Blurred Lines would be more likely. And if Lorde gets a nomination outside of Best New Artist, it would be in here. Otherwise, this category is routinely the most difficult to predict so my best guess probably won’t be that good.

My Predictions: Adele (Skyfall); fun. (Carry On); Lorde (Royals); Macklemore & Ryan Lewis f/Mary Lambert (Same Love); Robin Thicke f/Pharrell Williams & T.I. (Blurred Lines)

Best New Artist

Looking at this list of contenders for this category tells me that 2013 has been good for new artists. It seems obvious that both Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Lorde will be on this list, but there are so many other possible contenders. Imagine Dragons, Kacey Musgraves, Florida Georgia Line, HAIM, Emeli Sande, Of Monsters & Men, Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey.
This is a complete shot in the dark.

My Predictions: Emeli Sande; Florida Georgia Line; HAIM; Lorde; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

After tomorrow’s broadcast, I’ll revisit my predictions and see how off I was.

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